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Mike, Where's the worst of it now compared to yesterday. Things are great then yet no snow today here at least the highways air good. The cell found expressway or really tells the story. It's slow getting by South Bay. There was some police activity or something or other going on. By massive right in the in that in that big cutout area, But folks are moving right by that so again, slow getting myself a its flow into the brain's re split. That's really the worst of it there nor found seems to be fine coming in. Let's check out that room. 1 28 16 wait situation with the WBC news radio traffic copter. Yeah, We're making our way up in the Westwood here, and there had been a crash behind us on the ramp. From what? 28 South and 95 South and Kim. Here's the good news. They took care of that. So any of the backups that were here earlier in Westwood have eased out work about up on the East Street right now. You're flying right along on your way down toward 95. Kristen Acting the WBC news radio traffic copter. Now I can tell you 95 Southeast Good all the way down to a fox burrow into Attleboro route 24th same idea. It's good as you head down to 4 95 up to the north. Really? Not a lot to report here. The volume on 1 28. Lot lighter than usual here won't came up into Peabody should be a good ride for you. Roots three and 93 or both. Decent up to the New Hampshire border. And no complaints on Route one, either. Downtown Storrow Drive East is backed up a little bit coming in Deliverance Circle. Of course, it's slow on the left right up ramp, but the lower deck of 93 is good. So is this a Cambridge? The O'Neill tunnels, the Sumner Tunnel? You get the idea and the Mass Turnpike is good out to framing him and Westboro today my king, deputy busies traffic on the three Flowers around tonight's gonna be a little of the chilly side. But the Cold weather is holding off till Friday. So let's start with tonight. We're in the upper twenties for the low, they'll be some.

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