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For voters to learn about data so it's not just whether there are more candidates running. It's also what the candidates are doing in another year. When Democrats did go onto lose eighty four Jesse Jackson ran on a platform many called world extreme at the time but actually sounds mainstream now free community college single payer healthcare and a rainbow coalition a Rainbow Coalition of human rights for all I mission to feed the hungry clothe the mic it the house of the homeless to teach the illiterate to provide jobs for the jobless and the choose the human race over the nuclear race and Jackson proved? He wasn't politically fringe that year Jesse Jackson won one out of every five votes in the primary he won five primary outright and registered millions of new voters Democrats who were tuning in partly for him familiar while the dynamic is back in play. Hey Right now. This large Democratic field basically generating a large amount of interest thirty three million people watched the first debates. We'll see if that continues tonight and tomorrow take it all together and the trends are pretty clear. More choices are hard. They can be mentally exhausting but that exhaustion comes from working out. which is the thing that makes you stronger building up? A political movement can be like building a muscle. You have to work it. Wasn't it the Great M._C.. Missy Elliott who asked is it worth it. Let me work you know trump won the electoral college after a long large primary have Democrats want want to flip that and reverse it. They need to get through a long large primary of their own now up next. DONALD TRUMP'S INTEL chief pick is hitting all kinds of turbulence. We'll explain one of the Republicans who pose some searching questions for Bob Muller in that big hearing is now on deck to enter the trump administration Asian if he can get past headlines like this Intel officials unloading Congressman John Ratcliffe is the least qualified person ever nominated to this post fellow. The Republicans are concerned and they wanted to prove you can move beyond die-hard conservative persona that he's had to protect Intel's independence rackliff meanwhile burnishing his national security verity credit touting how he put tears in prison as a prosecutor citing his work on a specific terror case but it turns out his name doesn't even appear in any of the trial our record for that very case meanwhile N._B._C. reporting no evidence he ever prosecuted any terror cases to some rough start for a Senate bedding for a big post and even in G._O._p.. Hands it's not every Republican pick gets through with trump. His last two names voted for the Fed failed to get through the Senate after new reporting sunk their nominations. I'm joined now by former Federal Prosecutor Joyce van Nice to see you on this bit about him claiming he was involved in cases that he wasn't and how big a deal is that for someone in this with this track record. You know it seems to me that it's a very significant overclaim to say that you put terrorists in jail when you didn't. I suspect that that when the record is finally reviewed it will reflect that as an assistant United States attorney with responsibilities wants abilities for terrorism and national security he did oversee investigations and and the fact that they didn't go to trial might be important. It might not not be but the reality is that even as a prosecutor if he had been doing serious terrorism cases. Let's say he actually had been the lead prosecutor on the Holy Land case waist which it's clear that he was not that alone doesn't qualify you to be denied..

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