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So I mean, and they decided to pay him that he earns that that's what he gets. But they are not better without Odio Beckham. They. Need Odell Beckham on the field? Specifically offense of let's just keep it on one side of the ball. And I'm used one Chris I'm gonna give you some facts with Odal Beckham on the field, the twenty one and twenty six not a great team without him there. Six and fifteen they're terrible team when you look at ally manning and his numbers in his with Odell with without odeal. Like, let's let's look at this before OBI J fifty eight percent completion percentage with OB. Jay. He's sixty seven percent without without him in passing only average about two hundred and thirty yards with him. He's thirty yards better to sixty touchdowns. It's ridiculous to forty one one seventy nine touchdown interception ratio without a with. That's without. Oh Bill with Odell one thirty two to sixty nine. Like these numbers. Don't. Oh, del Beckham makes ally manning and that offense a lot better. There is no way around it. There's I don't care. What argument you pose just because he's his numbers have allowed him to earn the money that he's making you want to say, oh, we're they pay him too much money. Ship him out. That's a whole nother conversation. If you're saying, you know, because they're spending too much money, and he's taking too much of the cat. Then you should look to move him. But to say that they they don't need him there better without him. That is absolutely false just to recap there under five hundred with him. And without yes. Because it's still a team right team game. I'm not saying that he changes the game, and he can do everything because you still need offense of line. You still need to defense to stop somebody either. They'll need a quarterback that can get you. I'm sorry, Jamie. You studying the quarterback and get him the ball. It's so that he stuff so get him out. Get get guys. In their pay them twenty right on the money. Just stop it. Look like, you said if they want to trade him for financial reasons, that's one thing. They signed him knew everything you said they knew when they signed into that big deal. And Dave Gettleman has come out time and time again hit he signed him to trade. Yes. All right. You knew the situation. He's the only thing keeping alive manning on serviceable, and you gave the numbers which was great. We saw the difference that a great receiver can make in Dallas without Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott low. Laurie Cooper, look great. When they what the giants need to be focused on is getting another quarterback and its allies starts to your fine. But you gotta get the guy for two years from now at least if not this year, and that guy whether the way Haskins Cuyler Murray or somebody else he will be much better. If he's got OB J there and have a back a running back like saquon Barkley if you get a really. Good quarterback in there. Now, you've got something on the offense side of the ball. Don't blame their poor record or obe- Jay because no receiver. No matter. How good can totally turn the team around to Cowboys examples. Perfect because you said they have an offensive line. And they have a defense defense was top ten..

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