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Was passed by the security council two years ago to investigate the use of chemical weapons in syria russia tried unsuccessfully to block of o on its renewal until after the release of the inspectors lead us report due out on thursday the report will look at the chemical attack on hyunji hoon that led to the united states launching a cruise missile strike against the syrian government shied routes airbase syria has denied any use of chemical weapons the us ambassador nikki haley in a statement accused moscow of once again siding with the dictators and terrorists who use these weapons the saudi crown prince has had his working towards the return of what he calls mortars islam to the tree muhammad bin salman said saudi arabia would not spend the next thirty years dealing with destructive ideas his friend god saudi arabia's maverick crown prince mohammad bin so long is moving foster to reform his country than anyone could have imagined four weeks after it was alone said the battle women drivers was being lifted his pledge to rid the oilrich kingdom of religious extremism this won't be easy religious clerics of often opposed reforms in the post after previous monarch king faisal overruled the raw position than introduced television and education for women he was later assassinated kenya's supreme court will meet on wednesday to decide whether the rerun of the presidential election can go ahead human rights activists filed lastminute petition arguing the country was not ready for the poll the main opposition leader dhingra who has pulled out to the election has urged his supporters to boycott it the interior minister fred met youngest told the bbc people could demonstrate peacefully but riot rioters carrying jones will be treated as criminals and astronaut from us his hall of fame poor whites has died of cancer at the age of.

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