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A part of this passing game this right, and it'll men being suspended for the first four weeks opens up a roster spot for somebody. So perhaps that's how Eric decker fits in, but he needs to make the team. I if he does if Philip Philip door set, it looks like I think he'll be on the team. I know they want Cordeiro Patterson to be a big part of special team. So he'll be on the team. He'll be another wide receiver that they probably have a couple of packages for. Yeah, I, yeah. So I think he just needs to make the team. Let's start there. Let's see if he gets on the roster and then we'll or how about this. Let's see. In practice. I before we over think it too much. Yeah. Let's let's let's see him practice. Let's see him get on the field and then and then even makes the team. Let's see if he earns enough trust from Tom Brady to get on the field to get enough passes where you would ever feel comfortable starting him in those four games. I can't imagine it gets to that. It's a candidate. I think anyone investing draft pick in Eric decker this year would be in for a big disappointment for now because we already done the patriots on double trouble. A quick mention Jacob Hollister, deep sleeper, deep deep sleeper, Brennan. Lavelle was released by the Bengals on Thursday. Lavelle, of course, had been the number two wideout opposite of AJ. Green for a few years has actually been a productive player for natty, but they've got a youth movement going on between Tyler Boyd, John Ross amongst others does this is this. A sign to you that the John Ross breakout is in it. I don't know that it's a sign that John Ross breakout is imminent. By the way. I would just say that this story is kind of a normal sized story from what I understand. Again, I just I think it's a normal size. Average story, average story. It's an average story that'd be are. Yeah. Anyway. She's. She's fun. Listen, I I. Really got me on star fine down there. So here's what I would say. I don't know that he breakout is imminent, but I think what it does say and we should ask to find you about this. Is that to me at least signal some confidence on the Bengals part about the health of John Ross? I think so, too. And again, we've already talked about the Bengals. So I think we already hinted at that part of the reason that John Ross was out last year was because he could never really get fully healthy injured in the preseason. And now that he's healthy, he needs the preps in camp, and now he's got even clearer path, but he has to just prove it on the field. He's an exciting flier late round draft, pick for now intend. Team leaks could escalate as closer to the start of September. We sometimes talk about running back waits it just because these guys that are taking a ton of pounding 's and they are obviously being they should be well conditioned for night as a beast. And yet the idea that he's lost fifteen pounds still at like two hundred twenty seven thousand really salary because he is an absolute animal. Does this mean somebody just to find that he is down fifteen pounds to as he says, conserves energy by running out about as well as it does to me because so back to our our segment news or noise qualifies is news to me, and I would say most the time reference how many times players fluctuating away it is a bit of noise, but in him with him specifically, he's back to the way he was playing in college when he went into the combine, it was closer to forty and you're talking about wanting to keep guy healthy in the NFL. All that extra weight makes a difference..

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