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But what most council district's need is somebody who has A deep commitment to stay there and to make sure that funding is in place to build projects and to build housing and, ah You know, if you if you want to run for a council person and for Mayor Ah, I believe you'd have to file for mayor before the end of the year to start raising money for mayor, which I think would probably Take your eyes off of being a council person. Well, you you know who else has aspirations to be? Mayor is Kevin Daily own who is about to take over the seat being vacated by Jose Ruiz are who's facing this? You know, hold flu of federal corruption charges and Professor Garrow. I want to get back to you. How do you see a possible fight in 2022 between Daily own and Mark Ridley Thomas for mayor. Do you think that's That's what this is setting up as Oh, absolutely, And there'll be all kinds of other individuals who will be running, including my fewer Who's a city attorney. From my perspective. I know it's already difficult to project you know, two years from now, but I could tell you that I strongly believe that Mike furor will probably make the run off and the question becomes. Who is going to be that second person? Whether it's Debbie own Mark, Ridley Thomas Joe Buscaino. All kinds of other individuals and to that would make the run off. You know, I know that there's this conventional wisdom that someone holds in office. They shouldn't aspire to another one in my polling where I've tested that. Voters are not against that. I know people say that, but overwhelmingly when I've asked, Is it OK for Eric Garcetti to run for president over 67% of the people said Yes. They would like it. It projects power. It makes incumbent Council member more powerful If he's thinking about running for mayor and makes a mayor more powerful. These things they're running for governor, you are automatically a candidate for governor as mayor. And if you don't project that that's weakness and people pick up on that. So it's on ly. Some analysts who talk about all they shouldn't do that. Nothing could be further from the truth. The history shows that it works. Voters are okay with it overwhelmingly, and so Mark Ridley Thomas and Kevin Daily own should run because it actually helps their district of people think they might be mayor. And they will be very powerful candidates on is going to be a very interesting race. We have a lot to cover. Obviously, you confined Mohr election information at our Web site w dot com slash election. I want to thank all three of you. Fernando Guerra, professor of political science director of the Center of the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount, Jan Perry, former City council member. Representing parts of downtown in south L. A. Paul Mitchell, vice president of political data incorporated. Thanks to all three of you, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This's greater Allah on Casey Ar w I'm Steve Caretakers now. Toe Orange County Recent presidential debates, President Trump warned audiences of voter fraud on Election Day my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully because that's what has to happen. I am urging them to do it to watch that voters won't cheat is what he's saying. Of course. Is to threaten the integrity of the election. That's the claim, Gustavo Arianna wrote in his recent L A Times column that this this allegation of a sham of the Poles is a page straight out of a very old playbook. The 1988 election in the OSI, and he's here to tell us more about it for this week's Orange County line. Hey, Gustavo or last Eve, So tell us what happened in 1988. This was the election of 88 on November 8th so morning of November, 8th you start getting all these phone calls from across Orange County was specifically in the city of Semana like, Hey, there's these. Ah! Police officers or security guards are just thugs outside voting precincts and heavily Latino districts, holding up signs that saying non citizens cannot vote or asking people for their ID and assistant district assistant U S general at the time, Tom Hamburg was now state senator. He remembers saying, Like, Oh, this can't possibly be true. This must be electoral, you know? Like crank calls for lack of better term. Then he sends out the F B. I and it turns out, Actually, it's 100% correct. So this was done at the behest of the Orange County Republican Party to influence the election of the Assembly election of one Curt Pringle ended up winning by less than 1000 votes in that 1988 election. Was this all across this district, or was itjust in particular? Places like handpicked places. So the district itself, it's now I mean, if it's not the same district anymore, because you know they switch every couple of years. But this one was basically all of Santana and there was in 2020 different places, and we're talking about places like a Catholic church. Ah Boys and Girls Club, a senior citizen center places that hold significance to Latinos. Santana High School for that matter. And Tom Umberg himself, he went and he saw from a distance Latino voters approaching these poles. Seeing these signs are seeing these people and these air uniformed security guards and then turning away. I mean it was when it happened. It was a complete outrage. Any decent person was outraged that then share the time Tom Fuentes called an honorable thing to Dio. But at the same time you actually had Latino Republicans in Orange County. Some people described as Nazism. These are Republicans themselves, saying that about their own party. So where did this plan? I mean, this was this was a well constructed plan from from the top of the county Republican Party. Who came up with this like, how did this come about? They were so concerned that they were going to lose the election that they wanted to make sure that they intimidated enough people to not vote. Well, the official explanation that the's party leaders said at the end from Tom went this onward was Oh, they know. No one ever took full responsibility for it, Of course, because once they got, you know, once you have your hand caught in the cookie jar you're going to say, Hey, it's the other hand to try to take that those cookies. So what they said, though, was that they had been hearing rumors kind of like what's going on with this election there hearing rumors There's going to be unregistered voters in this case, undocumented immigrants and even the even the rumor of busloads of undocumented immigrants are going to be dumped off at polls to be able to vote. Let's make it clear that there could be an accusation. I guess that of busloads of people being dropped off. Ah, but you can't vote. If you're not in the voter rolls, right? You can't vote if If you're not a citizen of the United States, and people know that we'll of course everyone does. But it doesn't matter for the Republican Party and their mind. It's hey have like I don't I know they don't have these poll guards in, Let's say, Newport Beach or in a car on Delmar. They did it specifically at Latino areas because they knew what that effect was gonna have. And there was a case a very famous police officer Jose Vargas, who came to this country and document and it was ah Presence in Santa Ana and Anaheim for decades. He eats. He told the reporters at the time that he showed up..

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