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I wrote a monolog for that. Because there was nothing that really. said to bunch of US you've go minute and I can find anything that was a minute long that would. Do I. Needed it today. And so I decided I was going to rotten look. Is loved an infant as was said to me you should think about Ryan apply fooling play. So as leaving drama school I wrote the first draft, their Vero. We were GONNA put it on group of US WE'RE GONNA put it on. And I saw the the royal coup during the Rock Festival. And I sent it to them to go with a workshop in the region. And they called me and said. You've been selected and we're GONNA, put it on free and a half weeks they're upstairs. Oh. My God just like, yeah. Yeah. They were they did Soviet if you I was a fine. Only Reno's focus on tonight. So so I don't really know what? was just shot into them. And then. Yeah and then they put it on. And then it went to the theater. Cohen. Peckham. And masks good friend. Told me McDonnell These actally in. He did a beautiful performance. And And then from there leary agent and people. So where maybe your ARACA and? Then took a lot more time than anything else did sandy more than attended in those first five years at drama school. Was the Ryan. Simpson. That came easy. Now. Well that plane did yeah, that played that. Was it was there was an expansion from that monologue. Yeah kind of just overhead. That plays she's five scenes of people having conversation with each other. There's a real. There's a sense of law intended backstory in the idea that they've lost family member. For the rest of it was just about how they relate to each other and grief in how they deal with their grief. And I was highly back to a mom him up Oxford. Dry and I just put musical I'm Riley Said's. And that's how they formed themselves. I suppose climbed ripping off Simon Stevens a little bit. So as loved his place, he's phase which also five saints of people to. And trying to relate to trouble. And he's wanting to do. We'll still still from the best. I've told him that as a the. So. I think there's probably some lines of his. But it He was very helpful Ashley us. I've spoke to him quite a lot when I was still writing for their and. He gave me some good guidance of finding what your thing is. Find the one thing that you are obsessed with. The idea or the one Sort of. Question about life that you have. Just Ryan about that until you think you've answered your own question. Did you find the question..

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