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It the allegedly BJ Penn. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you Virga. All right time now for the sound off. Whereas Danny's Agoura who thinks he's LT day on Instagram just out there. Posting all his highlights. They're breaking. All right. We're going to do some two parts. I don't know if we have to play the intro twice. But does it really matter? Yeah. We we can skip the we don't need to play the intro twice. All right. So you heard the calls view screen them. You got them ready for today's show. I did tell me about them. They're pretty good. We got a lot of submissions lot of late submissions. I mean guys getting get the main on Sunday night because you know, Monday mornings at ten minutes before the show starts a lot of people. Do that on Mondays man. I've noticed that I left a message telling him it's like probably not gonna make the cut. It's it's kinda hard to, you know, get all that sorted out last minute so adamant early and. Yeah. Early bird gets the worm. Exact or I will. Let's get started with UFC, Wichita. Okay. We'll do it. What did you think about the Ben Rothwell decision? You think he got robbed? You know, I wasn't scoring that in real time. It looked to me like then clearly took the third and definitely did the better damage. I know that Rothwell was cut and so he was bleeding, but he just seemed to me to be doing the better damage overall. But I've not looked at the stats, and honestly, I didn't really start asking myself who was winning until halfway through the third. Yeah. And halfway through the third Rothwell was was chewing them up. I guess I was surprised, but I couldn't go to the mat Danny and make a real argument about either guy. What about you? Yeah. I thought he took. I thought he took the second and third. But I mean, the the type it was tight, but it wasn't. It wasn't like tight enough for me to be like, oh, you know. I don't know who was going to get it. I thought going into it. I'm like oh bet. Ben Rothwell should get it up. But the fact that it went the other way like I'm not surprised with with the judging like me. I'm not surprised. There was a couple of strange calls Marian Renault not even getting one full judge's scorecard. That one surprise me a little bit about the tune started tuning in for the main card. So I didn't get to to watch a lot of prelims. I'll catch up on the prelims on like her losing is not a scandal. It was just that. She only won one round on all three judges scorecards. I found that a little surprising to be candid with you. All right. I mean, I I mean, it is what it is. Right. I guess so it is what it is. That's probably the most used the sentence in MA lingo. I guess they go through phases for a while there. It was in the mix. You know? Now, we're off to it is what it is trending in a good direction. I also. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. I will talk about judging now, right? Danny Wallace from Orlando Florida calling. I personally think that the judge has made a horrible decision with Ben Rothwell in blue Goi even off I especially if stripes were pretty much, even and Rothwell was doing almost all of the advancing..

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