Jeremiah Wright, La Times, Khalidi discussed on The Larry Elder Show


The mainstreamers were ignoring it because he knew that it was detrimental to obama's candidacy so during that period of time when reverend jeremiah wright with becoming a problem for obama these reporters in journalist several of them were literally writing letters back and forth on how they could change the topic from jeremiah wright to something else so they finisher obama went the election these reporters now in one wrote here too we should do let's find a conservative any anyone he could be carl role that could be fred barnes any conservative let's accuse him of being racist now when the existence of journalist became public ever klein shut it down now if you were doing nothing wrong why did you should it down but he did now the la times has a video of a man named khalidi he used to teach at university chicago and he got a job at columbia and so he had a goingaway party in one of the attendees of the going away party was senator obama and the rumor ears that on this tape senator obama is present when people are saying a budget demeaning things about israel a bunch of antisemitic things and the senator is either concurring or is not expressing displeasure and the feeling is that the reason the la times has to this day not reveal this taped it because they wanted to protect senator obama now president the only time says well we got this tape from a source and we promise a source at we would never revealed that the tape and so were adhering to our agreement with us force are you telling me if there was an access hollywood type tape uh that.

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