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Topics such as minorities and medicine on collagen fundamentals Dan, the life of a cancer researcher, and really just helping you know, other black and Brown new than strengthen their applications for either medical school or graduate school. Just because you know, we we need more doctors and scientists and researchers we're just so underrepresented. So you know, so far I've spoken at Spelman. In college Morehouse college park land, a university. And actually, I have Georgia state tomorrow so super excited for that. And in the pipeline coming up next. I it's going to be Hampton university them you and Morgan state, so just really just taking this tour everywhere. Trying to hit at least twenty different universities and colleges as my goal, and and just promote wonderful wonderful. Thank you for bringing awareness to cancer research. It's not very something that you find everywhere. You know, there's always people that that that talk about medicine, and you know, and spirit from the center holistic medicine and things like that. But there's not many people speaking about cancer research and how important it is. So I appreciate you taking the time to do that here bringing awareness and again bringing awareness to the lifestyle of someone that has gone through the loss of cancer because that's very important to it's not. Just the cure. But also being there, you know, psychologically like you mentioned earlier. So that's very important that we all open our eyes to that. Because if an adult feeling bad, and you know, and they don't know how to take themselves out of that dump imagine a child going through that I feel very hopeless. So really, I appreciate your time. Sweetheart, I look forward to hearing more about you. If you're ever in south Florida, promoting any of your things will reach out to me. I look forward to meeting you in the future and everyone just stick around. We have Dr Sabrina Jackson coming up. Thank you. Mrs banks take care. Thanks so much for having me. Bye. Bye. So today we have talked to Sabrina Jackson. She's an award-winning speaker. And I mean a lot more than that this whole month. February she's been celebrating twenty eight days of love which is beautiful 'cause February's a month of love. And there's only twenty days in it, unless it's a leap beer, but it's not this year. So she celebrating twenty eight days of love speaking about love. And I mean what else comes with love. Right. I'm it's such an intricate subject. Not all of us are experts. I know arm not. So therefore Sabrina Jackson has definitely made you know, a career out of speaking about love. And I mean, I mean what else is there about love? Let's just have on the show and let us explain, you know, her explain to us what love is all about. And what these twenty eight days of love mean to her. Hi, Dr Sabrina jockey. Welcome so much for me. I am so excited about talking about the twenty eight days of love I get excited when I think about love because love itself is. Feeling that we will have towards a person place or thing. So there are people that love people. But then if we can love things can have our favorite shoes, you can have a favorite meal, but then we offer have a place that has a special affinity to. And we can love that places. Well, so love is just so intense feeling that kit about a person place or thing, you know, it is love is very complicated. But you mentioned, you know, people loving themselves, but also loving things. I feel like now things have changed, you know, and these past decades things very materialistic, Dr Jackson. What do you think? I think I love running just loving people We love is so broad, and let me say this that if we go back in history the Greeks had over thirty three different names for love in our lane. We have one and that's love, but they have a gothi love. They have you rose love. And so they're different types of love. And so the type of love that I have for my son of forty six years. It's totally that the type of love I've have for my man, you know,.

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