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And through next week replacing trains between Quincy center and Braintree I'm don how can I get for Curtis poker seaports is no profession with his backup team talking about nights I sing about nights out actually I think actually I think in a few words catching with this program is all about north America's back porch where people can disagree reasonable people can disagree reasonably and Jean bishop but I don't see a hundred percent the same on this issue and I don't know that I I know I would never convince her and I'm not sure she could convince me that this book is an incredible book any of you who who think about the the moral but legal ethical issues of capital punishment in America grace from the rubble to fathers road to reconciliation after the Oklahoma City bombing the untold true story of bud Welch and build the K. now have had but wells in bill McFate had they gone out and in in talk to organizations that they could do it together today do it separately it's been twenty five years of they still sought after on five March has been speaking about this ever since she had a change of heart he just asks in an eloquent spokesperson against killing just because he said that that that is never going to heal you you know added to an act of violence is not the path to healing bill McVeigh is an extremely private man as you pointed out he loves his son even though he thoroughly and publicly condemned what his son did you said it was wrong it was horrible I will never understand how he could have done that he was completely cooperated with the FBI investigation that led to his son's arrest he did everything he could to try to help them in terms of get trying to get information from the sun about what happened timber brick refused to do that but he said this is my son and I will always love him I'll always pray for him as any you know father wanted and I respect that so much because he isn't one of these guys who said you know that no son of mine or you know I I don't I just don't even know this person who did that he he's kind of taken on the shame of what his son dead the worst domestic mass murderer in the history of this country and so he feel but he doesn't have a right to go out and speak about his son he I invited him wants to come to Oklahoma City my home town and he said he shot me down right away and he said no I said I don't have a right to go there so he is someone who is very humble man a very quietly and very a private man who is the last by his community because they know him as someone who is the guy who does the bingo at the church yes it can lead to the hall into the you know eagles club fundraiser and that it does the fire company a volunteer at a little league coach I mean that that's the only guy he's lived within the same class mile radius in Pendleton New York where he was born his entire life the same five mile radius yeah except for his two years in the army he he did two years in fort Campbell Kentucky during again just around the Vietnam War era but other than that he's never lived outside at that five mile radius of where he was born in Pendleton in relation to buffalo it's not part of the city buffalo but it's within the the buffalo area right right exactly there's a small city outside of buffalo called Lockport which is where bill spent forty years working the night shift at the GM parts that Harrison plant making parts for GM cars until work and night shift because he wanted to be home for his son transferring the day bill's wife had left them and taken that her daughters with them and it was just Taman bill in this house until bill worked the night shift so he could be there for his son and he still lives in that house twenty dollars in the same house which can be painless win by Welsh reached out to bill McVeigh bother to father went into the locker room how how long ago that mediocre just in between the when Kim had been sentenced to death and before his execution thanks to replace it in the gas exactly during that time period and when but want to that door he walked through the on the threshold that his daughter's killer would have stepped through a thousand times that's all and that's all in the book had they maintained this long distance friendship as far as you know it's been twenty years now that they would have that they have had known one another yeah they have they have would not when Kim was still leading up to the execution but was calling him weekly check to see if they'll make I was doing okay when there was a his plane crash that killed I think about fifty one people near where bill left but was the first person on the phone I remember when a plane crashed into a couple of young pilots on the plane if I'm not mistaken yeah yeah but that that plane crash was very mysterious Timothy McVeigh he never disclosed I mean obviously I assume he was in protective custody in the prison but it must have been sometime when other inmates had access to him at least on on on on a limited basis never said anything to anyone other than his two Confederates yeah I never admitted it you know to anyone gave a lot of interviews before he died and that's when he discussed the fact that he had withdrawn his own appeals against the death penalty wanted to go to the staff volunteered to be executed he had the he made that stupid Bob sports reference to that it's a hundred and sixty eight to one talk about it of cold hard yeah yeah very cold hearted he he was asked about the death penalty and you said it's not a penalty you can escape she said they they are they think I'm some kind of trophy they've got me at eight one he said they they haven't won in the crudest terms one hundred sixty eight to one meaning I killed a hundred sixty eight people including these nineteen children and you're going to kill one person me so if the death penalty is meant to be an eye for an eye by your own now I wind and you'll never ever get even with me but even with the interviews that he did no reporter was able to extract from him I mean clearly he did it I guess in response to what it happened in the in Waco Texas sure actually there is an excellent book written by two journalists from the buffalo news that were sent to cover this story Louis shall and down her back and the book is called American terrorist and they eat meat he was candidates exclusive interviews to them about the act they committed and they were gracious enough to let me use some of the facts that they gathered directly from the bank about you know the planning that he did I included in my chapter called planning about you know all the things he did to meticulously scope out the building clamp the get away car figure out what part of the building would be the weakest are to it you know attacks so that he could kill more people those are all facts that they cannot directly from him but he never and that was the did he finally admits yeah this is my revenge for Waco what happened with the branch Davidians down in Waco yes I mean what he wanted to do was because a big uprising against the federal government by all Americans that we would rise up you know once he committed this grand act of destruction and of course he accomplished absolutely nothing but to break the hearts of every person who had someone that they knew or loved in that building and to break the hearts of the everyone in Oklahoma City see this deliberate cruelty visited on innocent people and beyond a hundred and sixty eight who died I'm sure there were many who have been badly injured in families who have been destroyed and people we got some phone calls for you here a gene so I'd like.

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