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Make the PR mean anything cooked probably catch a couple. I'm going in that one. All right. And we're gonna finish up in the valley as well. With Alex Alex football, scientists Casey Joyner. Hey, good morning guys. Quick question. Tom Brady or Angela. Brady has been someone who has actually he's pushing QB to here because of the way he's been producing of late. They've not gone vertical at all they they really miss cooks. I mean, he's he was the offense last year. I've got Brady ranked eleventh on the keyboard this week. So I I definitely of the two he's not gonna play which is surprising. You never say that. But the way he's been producing late. You have to be thinking almost as to a lot of air bonus question. Let's try Scott, Scott you are on with Casey Joyner. What's going on? Hey, guys, I need to out of the three for wide receiver. Josh, gordon. Sean Jackson, and Sarah Williams. I've got tower Williams rating a lot higher than most. He's at three straight games. Three shit. Really good games. He's Cup four touchdown passes last nine receptions. So I've got him eighteenth wide receiver board and much higher than most. I'm definitely starting him between though the other two. Sean, Sean bene- ten point plus receiver most games. I love the matchup the sick. They seem can be very high scoring. I think he could get fifteen. Plus we to Shana wins three. All right. Casey got one for you before we cut you lose the fantasy football in the right now is Patrick Mahomes Todd Gurley or other. I would take I would take early actually because he's been he was in nineteen point nine points last week. But this the first time he's not posted twenty plus and he's been thirty over half of his games as great as Mahomes has been when you look at girlie compared to other running backs together so much laws and word is we're Mahomes versus a number of other quarterbacks who are not as good, but close. So I go girl that one Casey Joyner the football. Scientists ESPN senior NFL and fantasy football insider since two thousand five at Key's.

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