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The seal iab built around it now and ability to the make us we have our dependencies and pull the main and do a separate build publish protest against the contain as we do have in don't coral or the building blocks we need for creating decent microsoft assists things like pauley things like in whereby peo nancy we've looked legal things like entity framework what dapper an backend of cigarette is you've got by she'd be service tax not turned whole thing event buses we've got brought to which i work on and service boss mass transit we called all the right kids great most which quite a much has quite big because of our history i think a little bit actually fits very well with microsoft's his because the donate communities tend to build a lotta quite lightweight nope these kind of old talking about ej be big beach thing i should like way through the sheetmicrosoft's his very well andi think you know talked seeing that kind of microsoft's his environment is very positive fornet because it has great suffering performance doesn't harold isn't very well if you live in a world of say python or ruby all know jessyou can do concurrent see you right you can you something light deliberately to fat free two cents she mean when you're doing all you'll control back but you can't be true powers and be call remarkable course at center nothing mental processes but don't has great lifestyle tpl outright support for farsikuwait by shida abound stuff and very mature platform he and his false now i mean the lord of the what the guy's been doing on performance um recently has been paid off dividends we are much faster now not them we are say by comparisons no jazz singer and multiple would be the dynamic languages are great for those early i versions but after wha what happens is they can a bit you keep it can be harder to open the absolute were stuff like types your comes into play right you're just trying to har stabilized javascript there yeahexactlyandi think that's a really good point essentially emergency things are type strip mall right being able to handle a dynamic exactly.

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