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Tuesday sunny with a high near fifty tuesday nights clear skies with like win low around thirty three week. Stay sunny with likely in the afternoon. High fifty five. That's the latest weather. Shakeout more news and weather on our website and talk lands. News feed dot com. Dick's oh three to eight hundred sixty one sixty six zero three two eight three six one six zero and you join us online. Of course anytime you want over at freetalklive dot com. We've got archives go way back all the way to two thousand six unit download more free talk live than you could probably even listen to. We got it all. And it's free freetalklive dot com. We were just talking about the The the the eh the dc cops the dc national guard about forty nine hundred of them are still in the streets. They're they're expecting something to happen tomorrow but other people are saying no. Nothing's going to happen. Because there's a theory conspiracy theory that donald trump will take office tomorrow. And there's you know. I'm not expecting anything to happen here. Except for the continued militarization. The continued police states. That we're seeing being built up all around us. This is important for the police state to actually get away with having police constantly in the streets having checkpoints. Maybe they want to make this. The new normal in dc. And then if it's the new normal in dc will start to see it in other cities elsewhere so that's a possibility but there is at least a little bit of good news. According to also the hill dot com threats to the capital prop the house to cancel their thursday votes. Well shoot so at least they're gonna put off. Whatever it was they were going to do for one more day which is nothing you know if that's going to. I don't support threatening anybody but they're not working. They're not hurting people. Well you know if if they're not working they shouldn't be getting paid. Well i agree with you there. And that's one of the things that that's hurting us. That's one of the nice things about being here. In new hampshire though is at least the state representatives only get paid one hundred bucks a year plus a gas stipend bright and that really. It does help. Keep those people a little more closer to earth like that. They're not totally up in their heads. That they're you know power-mongering sickos there's four hundred of them. So they know they don't a whole lot of power agreed individually now. The senators are another story. There's only twenty four of those but they also only get paid one hundred bucks a year. That's the government of of the people by the people you know that's how it should be. It's still mostly old people yet. Nonetheless it is nice that they don't get paid a whole lot I think it's still a hundred dollars too much personally. But you know still. The low i think is probably the lowest amount of any other state legislature across the united states. I know new mexico's also very very low so it might be a close one Them but that's good because you know we've got this large so-called citizen legislature and and it means that they're they're accessible. You can actually talk to these people. They don't you know maybe some of them think they're better than you but they know where they live. I haven't seen it that way to be. Completely honest i was. I was at the wyndham. Select board office and talk about the voter regularities. That happened and i was. I was sitting with a couple of state reps We had an event up at fun spot with finance and bring flaw there where we had our unmasked event you know. We have permission from the ownership to to gather their unmasked by the way for those that don't and arcade. It's supposedly supposedly the world's largest some dispute that but it's definitely big. It's in lakonia new hampshire and the ownership supports us gathering there and being free people so I love it last last sunday we had. What twelve twelve state reps and one state senator. Yeah and Well there's no doubt there's some of them that are good people and they actually love liberty but but a four hundred. There's gotta be some of them that you know. Think there s dunstall. Yeah those people question. In fact the new hampshire liberty alliance does a great job. Are you familiar with this organization. Heard the name. But i don't know exactly what they do. Check them out. Nhc liberty dot org. What they do. Well they do a few different things but the key things that they do is they rate all state representatives so they look at how they vote on key pieces of legislation. And they say did you vote pro freedom or did you vote. Anti-freedom go down the list and they and this is a huge undertaking with four hundred state. Rep's you every year and they come out with a report card at the end of the year and they say all right well here the a plus reps here they reps here the a minus and they go down the list and they award one. State rep the highest ranking which is like liberty legislator of the year and at that event the liberty legislator of the year officers ago. So he's top of the top notch guy. Yeah and And they gave out. I think french Who was the state senator. harold french. He was there at the the thing on. I saw him. And he i believe one the liberty legislator or the senator legislator off year liberty senator of your so. There's really some good people here in new hampshire and you and the more people that we can get to come here. That can migrate here. As part of the other the free state project or people who don't join anything come here and keeping free and yeah help. Help keep new hampshire the freest state. I we might have gone down a notch this year. All the covid stuff i agree. I'm a little concerned about the rankings. When they come out and twenty twenty two. That's our rhino governor pandering to the left so that he can secure his senate seat and get the big corruption money in two thousand twenty two. That's his plan. He wants to take maggie. Hasn't seat and get a you know where where your base pay is one hundred seventy four thousand dollars. But somehow in a few years time you become worth twenty seven million dollars. Is that what happened with her. That's what happens with all these senators look at their net worth like. It looked any of them. Look at their net worth based on their their yearly. Pay and ask yourself where the rest of that money's coming from because they're all millionaires. It's all it's all special interest. Yup scratch my back i'll scratch yours log rolling cetera all the foundations and the donations. And the they're just they're just in money back and forth and they're all getting richer your money that's right and we're all getting poorer and there's there's no end in sight and they're squeezing it for everything they can because we're circling the drain.

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