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That's all hung up on you know, when you get teased and things so he's roughing Bosch, and it was going. Right back at them. Did he make fun of Pat Riley behind his back? That would be tough to do it face. Arouses great with that stuff. We were we were dollars a raw team, you know, because we had to be wrong with each other. We will get a lot from the outside. And we just felt like inside inside those doors we had to build real trust. And so that team was really raw with each other. We tried to keep a road each other every time I she on the court. I always think that I would see you in a jazz club. Like, you you you you strike me as somebody who's just chill off got that. You got me wrong. Like, you're mean, I wouldn't say may not just maybe what I'm filling on inside as sewing on outside. But I'm definitely got to. I think my players will tell you. You know, what makes you how do I know? You're mad. Well, you could say when I get taxed I mean. I think I was a rank pretty high in the losing money section. Have you tried to get a technical of try before? Yes. Did you did you ever try not get a technical? Yes. That's the screwed up. Audubon, it I'd get what I'm not really trying to get a but a man. But then when I tried to get him a couple of times, I laughed at me. Like, no, we're not even going to bail you out right now. You know what? Why deservingly? So why were you trying to get bailed out? Now, you know, you always trying to maybe you'll find your home for you. Or send a message that your defendant a guy on your team, or you know, you the rest of they're smart. They'll catch you. And they'll just go. No, we're not going to give you tech today. Have you ever bought a referee a drink like at a restaurant or hotel born just no no never picked up the dinner for referee ever gone to dinner with referees. No any interest in going to dinner with referees. I'm in the. I like them. They're good guys. I just don't know how that way is in the whole scheme of like, tampering and stuff. You don't wanna get too comfortable? I don't think it start thinking, you know, your buddy buddy with the rest. And now all of a sudden you get a good game. Call for you. And you know, some less they can all everybody has pride in these jobs and everybody wants to win a championship. And you you're with the Miami Heat. And you're you're winning championships. You're with the Knicks, and you know, people are either laughing at your with you. You're not quite sure you have unbelievable fan base..

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