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Hello word nerds and welcome to another episode of the dictionary i am sitting here with my aunt janet janet how are you i'm doing great spencer the regular listeners from the past week five days or so of episodes they've heard both of your sons ryan andrew i heard mark they've heard claire jessica and my dad was before that so now they get to your you i did not want to be left out no we didn't want you to because i think you have a special viewpoint on the world so can you just tell us a little bit about who you are and what do we need to know about you sure well i'm a relationship coach which i assist women who've been agonizing over whether to stay or go in their relationship and i live in berkeley california do people have is there a website that people can go to if they were is janet parks dot com go check it out if you feel like you feel like you connect with that in some way go check it out thank you all right let's talk about some words where our at our first word is the second form of avalanche blanche the end of the previous episode had the first form a. v. a. l. a. n. c. h. e. it is verb from eighteen fifty-five the in transitive transitive definition is to descend in an avalanche not something that we want to do i've seen them out west in the mountains and it's huge devastation it's a scary sight yeah so you don't want to be avalanched and then the transitive verbs just has these synonyms overwhelm and flood all right next we have avalon with capital a it is a noun from the thirteenth century a paradise to which arthur is carried after his death is that king arthur do you think that's what it sounds like bud i never heard of this maybe we have to do some research i i don't know much about arthur story so yeah this is new to me he pulled the sword out of the stone about all out after his death no never heard about that we'll have to look into that let's see okay next we have avant a. v. a. n. t. it is an adjective from nineteen sixty five culturally or stylistically advanced synonym is avant garde as in avant jazz or avant jazz whereas i guess if we're taking off the guard it's just jazz yeah it's french for b four o. c. you things you beat me to it i was just gonna get into etymology eighty four or front or before yeah very good all right next we have avant-garde it is the i form it is a noun from nineteen ten n an intelligent intelligencia is that yeah and intelligentsia that develops new or experimental concepts especially in the arts i don't think i've ever heard of intelligence yeah used as a noun i don't even really know what that is yeah intelligent people smart people yeah exactly see this is why i didn't know what it was because i'm not niche corrupt out of us in the last few decades i know that there's that coffee company in chicago called intelligentsia but i never knew i guess i thought it was just a word that they had made up i had never yeah no it's it's the smart people not well read that's for sure part of the reason why i'm doing this podcast let's see avant-gardism is a noun all right we have an avant-garde ist is also noun now we have the second form of avant garde it is an adjective from nineteen twenty five of or relating to to avant garde as in avant garde writers next we have avarice av a. r. i c. e. do yes ness evilness bad intentions let's see is a noun from the fourteenth century excessive of or insatiable desire for wealth or gain ooh yeah greedy gather synonyms greediness and cupidite cupidite who pitted we know that we're now i don't know that it must be similar to greet greediness okay so i think i just learned the word of the thing that i dislike the the most avarice oh yeah yeah i kinda wanna forget that word but i feel like i need to remember what that is because i've never ever heard it i remembered the the kind of evil part of it and forgot that it was attached to money but yeah yeah it's all about greed right stuff i think about all the time where do you feel like you learned that word in a poem or a booker is that a memory i guess that's it's a weird question to ask where you heard this word i don't know but probably high school will maybe remember that this is the first time i was aware that i heard this work all right we are going to move onto a various or ever know avaricious avaricious thought it was a various av a our a CIO US i feel so stupid sometimes when i'm doing that because there's so many words i don't know but yeah now that sounds like it's filled with avarice exactly yeah adjective from the fifteenth century a greedy greedy of gain ex excessively acquisitive especially in seeking to hoard riches synonym is covetous avaricious lee is an adverb and avaricious nece is now i'm going to put that in my vocabulary sound so much like delicious it's it was like a you know a more sensuous sort of word for this thing yeah i would feel very that word but that that might happen all right next we have a vascular of vascular so it's a a word of vascular unfamiliar with that you're yeah ah vascular system oh and we forgot to mention that you were a science teacher we should mention that i was a science teacher or three decades pretty close to that's a while yeah that's what ages was middle school i've taught well five through twelve but mostly the middle school physical science and chemistry that is an a quite an age to go through a you know eleven twelve thirteen that probably was hard and i love that age because they're so fun and you couldn't do boring things or you would totally totally lose them so i had to make class interesting it's the transitional time between childhood and adulthood and you have no idea what's happening to your thing yeah that's right yeah you feel like you're kind of an adult but you're not quite there yet and so yeah keeping things interesting i think is really yeah yeah brought rice bryce is to play with and made solar cars and created inventions and would really on roller skates well on occasional sola weiner okay yeah occasionally well it's correct so this is why is she is very familiar with these words that i'm not familiar with like ask vascular it is an adjective from circa nineteen hundred having few or no blood vessels as in a vascular tissue and a invesco liberty is a noun well well now we take a little bit of a turn we have vascular necrosis or necrosis ooh ooh not good death of cells yeah a noun from nineteen fifty three necrosis of bone tissue due to impaired or disrupted blood vessel missile as from traumatic injury or disease i can't really imagine what it's like to go through that well i suppose you could have just a little bit of that when you let's drew wound owned right some of the skin dyes are yeah some tissue is and then a heels but if a big way that sounds bad yeah so just because the word the cross is in it doesn't necessarily mean that it it's body wide it it can be small it could be in cells dine location right which is happening happening all the time right next we have a vast a. v. a. s. t. it is a verb from sixteen eighty one a nautical command and to stop or cease you have say a vast yeah i can hear pirates sang this oh zest let whatever comes after that yes i can hear it in that pirate all right next week have avatar this is a noun from a seventeen eighty four there's a bunch of evidence for this let's see one the incarnation of a hindu deity as vishnu number two a an incarnation incarnation in human form to be an embodiment as of a concept or philosophy often in a person three a variant phase or version asia in a continuing basic entity for an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user as in a computer game and i may have to belch i do that every once in a while sorry i'm human let's see the says this is from sanskrit atara which means descent from avatar ati which means he descends and that is from away and he crosses over and there's more at UK's this do you know that we're u. k. s. e. a. s. eight no i'm not familiar with that and also the word through so somehow etymologically those are related pleaded but what i'm amazed about is how old that word is because we think of the modern youths and movie avatar and it all sounds so up to date eight and then you find out it's from the seventeen hundreds yeah well and that's the english version of the word who knows how much further back it goes yeah i mean it says it's sanskrit so yeah this is a very old idea and concept you and we think of it in terms of our technology our our little picture on our phone or whatever right yeah that's an old word next we have avant a. v. a. u. n. t. u. r. my avant janet sorry bad that joke or this is a an adverb from the fifteenth century we just have synonyms away and hence h. e. a. h. e. n. c. e. it is middle english literally means forward and there's more at the word of or the prefix anti now on my vocabulary bularian no next we have a v. c. all caps this is an abbreviation for automatic volume control i guess that's some feature that maybe things have they automatically changed the volume make sense oh yeah electronics sound equipment yeah yeah if it's too loud you wanted to be a certain level all right next we have a v. dp all lower case it is an abbreviation for and i think this is a word we had in the last episode somewhere where avoid dupla a virtue pa a french word av p sorry av o. r. d. the u. p. o. s. i can't remember what that means but we read published somewhere oh no yeah that's a fun french word and let's see next we have a few more eight a v. e. orcas also be ave ave it is the i i form it is a noun from the thirteenth century one and expression of greeting or leave taking synonyms are hail and farewell like ave maria ah yes yes i don't know the words of maria feel like i shouldn't i don't either i know the tune but that's about it i'll have to look up those lyrics it's now or at number two it says it's often capitalized it is the synonym ave.

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