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Been protesting since twenty six. Actually, twenty fifteen so more than fears that people have been protesting for elections, and for many people they feel like they did not get everything. But the. But also in another thing is many people have question intentions of our politicians. You have for example, the influential Catholic church that has questioned the results, but has not yet called people to go into the streets. So that's something different. And and for now people have not responded to marching goals because he's the only one physically calling for people to protest all other opposition heavyweights who are parts of his coalition have not called people to protest Neda has the nor has the Catholic church. Also. So he's the only one calling and that's why he's having a hard time to mobilize people. Okay. Guys. Thank you very much guys. They're talking to us from the capital Kinshasa. This is Newsday on the BBC World Service. Let me read you headline on a story in the United States that has people talking this from NBC once prominent conversion therapist will now pursue life. As a gay man is about a man called David Mathieson well nine for programs, which attempted to stop same sex attraction in clients trying to make them attracted to the opposite sex. Instead so called gay conversion therapy. He published a book called becoming a whole, man. However, he now says he's in fact to gay he's looking for a boyfriend one form of patient as he would have been described is Levin. He was sent to Mr. Matheson, by his orthodox Jewish parents who hope the program could stop their son being gay Newsday's pull Hawking's asked him. How he felt when he merged from these so-called conversion treatments. Take a listen. On the one hand I had been very strongly rejected by everyone in my community. And here I was among a community of people who are treating me kindly, which was the first in my life. But it was very confusing because it was very conditional. Once I left after about a year and a half of being involved with our programs, and then learning finally came out, you know, that that acceptance is no longer there. But it was I was very traumatized for a long time. And it's still terrifies me to think that people are going into these programs not knowing what they're getting into. And you know, and it's it's really intense. I spent the last several years trying to kind of make sense of this experience and also come to terms with it because you know, some of the things that happened to me are nothing short of, you know, being rejected Mayes like I wasn't my childhood at just coming to terms without an accepting that has been a really difficult process. Nevertheless, there are there are those people not just not just the. People who run these programs, but some people tend to believe that they do work and one of those was David Matheson. What was he like when you were on the program? You know, I didn't have many interactions with him personally. But he was always talked about is like a god-like figure of the movement. He was almost everyone talked about him as being someone who really succeeded in becoming fully heterosexual. And he was just really, well, regarded and also know that he wasn't tremendous designing this program when he came out recently and said that he was getting a divorce from his wife, and he wants to use seeking intimate relations with with another man would what did you make of that? There has to be a sense of responsibility here at this point. It really feels like Mr. Matheson is failing that terribly by not accepting any blame. Yeah. He's made a couple of pretty vague apologies. But he doesn't announce the program that he designed he put a message on Facebook. And I'll read it now for many of our listeners, you wouldn't have seen this message that he put on Facebook. He kind of explains that he was coming. Out and he was getting a divorce in parts of the statements that I used to be caught in an ideological prison of my own. I know my work helped many many people because they've told him, but I'm sure I've heard some people too. So there is acknowledged when they're not that I would excuse myself, but any shortcomings had as a therapist came from too narrow a view of what emotionally healthy can look like they came from my own, homophobia and narrow-mindedness on truly sorry for those floors and the harm. They have surely caused some people, and I'm sorry for the confusion and pain, my choice may be causing other. So there is an acknowledgement that what he did did cause harm to people like you. And he's sorry for it. There was regret their you know, that's one statement. He gave a different statement to truth wins out where he explicitly said that he's not renouncing his work, or, you know, still stands by his work. But I think it's his responsibility to come out and say, I don't endorse this program anymore, and it didn't work for me. It's early. Work for other people too. He has some immense make that's why I'm living. He was a former gay conversion patient talking to the Newsday's poll Hawking's now, then let's get some sports news with Matthew Kenyon, often at this time of the program drummer at the Australian Open over the last day, plenty of drama as we speak there into a decider in the second women's semifinal in Melbourne US open champion now Asaka against Carolina plus cover and David law joins us. What's the latest, David? It is one. Settle Matthew is Naomi soccer with a three two advantage. In the third set. She has a break of serve as well. This has been an absolutely cracking match. I has gone to Asarco six games to to push hit back on the second. Six four sock has got a self ahead again here in the deciding set, and she has a wonderful record. When she's won the first match. She's this is would be her fifty ninth consecutive win. After winning the first set if she were to take it and the so much on this match. Of course, the winner gets through to the Australian Open. And final and we'll have a chance to be the world number one the planet. They would face in the finals. Well, Patrick Evita also has a chance to be world number-one. So so much at stake, and it's still more or less than the balance. A soccer just has a nose in front three two at the break in the third. So a Patrick Vetiver awaits tell us about her win over over. Daniel Collins hard in the first set simple in the second. It seemed. Yeah, that's right. And actually, very different conditions once they closed the roof here at four games all in that match, which was really favoring Daniel Collins at that point, she likes the heat Petric give it about hates it once they close the roof because they basically ticked over the the threshold give it was a different player. She loves indoor conditions. She raced away with victory. Seven six six love thereafter. And it's a great story two years ago. Patrick Evita was attacked in her own apartment. She suffered horrible injuries to her playing canned Neely lost fingers in that attack. And it did look as though she. He would never play the sport again here. She is two years later, and she's in a grand slam final show, you mentioned the roof closed. David just how hot is it in Melbourne at the minute. It's thirty degrees celsius is really brutal to be out there for very long. There's an area where people typically watch on a big screen in chairs are laid out for the more. It's deserted. Nobody wants to sit in the direct sunshine at the moment. Hence, why they're suspended all the matches on the outside courts and they've closed the roof on the show courts to to at least keep it as manageable temperature. And it's it makes for good spectacle, even in those conditions, but yeah, it's hit seriously. David many, thanks David law live in Melbourne update on a soccer against plus cover in twenty five minutes or so Chelsea of signed you venture strike salary Guarini on loan for the rest of the season. They might by Barcelona featuring Kevin Lynch, Kevin prince were beaten tuna on the first leg kings Cup tie with severe. They're gonna sign Frankie too young in the summer, and they smiley have been thrown out of the African Champions League because of the crowd trouble which forced referee to call off their home game against club Africa earlier this month. Matthew kenyon. Thank you very much. Indeed. With all of the sports news will carry on following action at the Australian Open now that authorities in Uganda applying new rules to control the music and entertainment industry. Some of the things that talking about investing process for new songs and scripts perform is needing government commission to work outside the country. Ministers say they want to stop abusive language in the creative industry where we wanted to speak to somebody in that industry to find out what they think of it. So let's be live to Ugandan actor and film director John Sagawa, good morning to you, John. And what do you think of these proposed measures you'll have to register with the government is artist? I understand good morning. These Richardson's being brought in about face because we. Humphry traditions that goes on all sectors in the country. We're gonna be. Chose to. If you or anyone can they make industry? I don't think we needed any the rations because we still have enough that if you can't do anything wrong then. I take care of that. Let me read a quote from peace said, the junior minister. The regulations peace Matusa says we cannot continue condoning as a country abusive language. This is one thing. We know he's been happening within the creative industry. Compose songs to abuse of this. What is the abuse? Took place. Tonight. Freedom going stuff goes. Movement. Then how can somebody express themselves unto? How'd you becoming that be on is not? Abuse tricky kid because we think that because maybe entertainers joining politics to talk to that about abuse. Nobody has abused. And the abusers somebody. All users. Like. Language adult for that. You don't go out on formulating relations because somebody has abused to meet because it is already there. And you talking about entertainers in politics the most prominent exemplify that as Bobi wine pop star and then pay he has been critical of president moon. Seven. A you think there is a tangible link between the two than these regulations, and that guy coming to prominence see. Maybe. Because look this this month has released about wish celebrate when we we show where the grown win win. Pick one. Somebody english. So. They need to keep the Android. Use does not lead anywhere at done, which was cited. And then I think he wants to introduce the low to. So that we. If you look at an individual in for us the entire industry. Some of us are looking to put aunt. If you take it. It hold them. Some of stuff. If the little comes in John, how does it work practically with the way that you work? If you have to submit a script, for example, before it goes on stage, you're on screen. How would that into the process potentially? Because look Braswell interested gets right. And you take your testing for Boston. But look at the comedians because is. They come on stage and perform I may be they dropped jokes within. Looking up seeing you'd years now, how are you going to do that? Because you must pick your script to what everybody wants us to take. And they approve it. I'm against you. Pre a response to a heckler if you're a standup comedian, it's a really good point improvisisation as well. Thanks very much. Indeed, John Sagawa actor and film director. We'll try to put those points to the Ganden government and tried to get them on and to speak to us about it and respond to some of the points made that jump Sagawa actor and film director live with us from Uganda..

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