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I I've learned recently just I've I've learned recently that some people are just stupid like not in the not in the sense of we have a difference of opinion on something. And and you all you stupid now, they're just some people that are just. Lacking intelligence and knowledge and and the Holly. Commerce says in the ability to think critically right makes you stupid. Now. In the words of mobile victim. Vincent, I was on this podcast, and that's long ago Kotok where we talked about the myth of the Willie Lynch letter and myths that are hurting our community that we perpetuate, and that's not what we're talking about. But he said something to me that may tons of saints. He told me doesn't Aghanistan. He said jellyfish have survived for millions of years without a brain. Think about that jellyfish have survived millions of years without a brain. You know what? Science. You'll ask right? Science for your ask. One. I want to actually have a whole episode dedicated to this, and I'm gonna have my sister on we have this conversation. But there's something that you know, she says in that she believes that actually looking at it now and looking at the way cram rates of being looking at certain, cultural and social trends, she said that if you think about it when crack hit in the eighties a ton of us millennials were already born. But then the next generation and those late millennials oftentimes, we're children of mothers who may have started may have been around crack may have actually used crack may have been the presence of crack. And the thing is like we don't know fully the effects of crack on our bodies our systems in how you can actually be impacted by the chemical, you know, effects of crack as other thing is. Crack could very will permeated a lot of people's body body chemistry and some sort of way and made us different. If you look at it. I was watching deep cover, and this is what really I think made the conspiracy theory come home from me at first I thought she was joking about something being crack babies, but then she said, you know, when they started talking about crack babies on deep cover, and I looked up, and I thought it was true said that, you know, they're they're more prone to aggression. They're very it's very hard for them to create social bonds with people. Therefore, they end up feeling like being alone is a better than anything. Well, they end up being alone. Because they're they have difficulty forming those bonds, they're more delayed as far as socially and developmentally. And if you think about things in the way that you know, how society and cultural is going. I mean think about it. I don't give a fuck period of of of hip hop. And you know, this whole no new friends thing in the hyper aggression that you see in a lot. Various places even in the more intellectually insulated spaces. I mean, there's a there's a more, hyper aggressive tone that you're seeing and have seen over the past twelve years when millennials really came of age and really began participating heavily being able to influence of the political process. So I mean, there may be something to I wanna get a little bit more info and want to delve into it. But I started thinking about that. And I start thinking about the impacts that we're seeing in some of the more suburban rural communities with meth. And you take places like chillicothe e Ohio where meth pretty much is ruined an entire generation of kids, and you take somebody's other places where like meth is a really big deal. I'm starting to think though, they met had a more immediate impact. Because meth is more is a is a socially acceptable drug for young, folks. And folks because met have been used by bikers back in the sixties. So I'm thinking that maybe we'll we're seeing much like we talked about the effects of crack on the inner city community. What we're seeing now with a lot of these Trump voters specifically those who absolutely refuse to accept fact for what it is and create their own facts. And they live in an alternate reality..

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