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Welcome back at twenty four and the great city of Chicago Charles Davis who's with us throughout the football season. And he is at the Indianapolis combine he's been at the senior ball, and he's kind enough to join us. Now, Charles good morning. I'm well. How are you doing doing very well everyone was disappointed to see the news? That Ravi gold was tagged by San Francisco. So he will not be kicking for the Chicago. But. Together surprised by that? Right. No knew that was coming. So were there any really impactful kickers going to this? Combine that you go. You know, what that guy might be worth a dais two or three draft pick. I don't spend a lotta time. Checking out the kickers. I've gone down that road before remember when Jane Gonzales came at Arizona state member who was the second round or that came out of Florida state and watch the buccaneers bless his name escapes me. Now, they shouldn't just happened a couple of years ago. And we see these things happen. And we see it all go down. And then ultimately is it a big deal? Sometimes. Yes. Sometimes no for the most part. Now, remember Carlson down Carlson. The Vikings took last year. He was supposed to be a big piece. Yup. You mentioned some big kicks early in the season against a forty dollars is a real big Green Bay, and they cut them and they cut him, and he was a fifth round pick who who was the second round or from Florida state. Roberto. Right at that one. There's a there's a heavy room. There's a big discussion about second round. Everybody was like second round what happened on that? You just wonder if ownership got involved on that one. And just said, you know, we've had somebody probably kickers ball block. Sometimes they way they may not I don't know forever that didn't work well either. Now Gonzales ended up coming in. He misses some big kick slash or for Cleveland. Remember gets cut someone picked him up and he had a pretty decent season. Same thing happened with Carlson, he gets cut. I think he ends up in Oakland. Has pretty decent season. So kickers are just such a, you know, it's it's a weird mishmash and the idea that you're going to spend a high pick on one. I would keep that picking my pocket and take my chances. Elsewhere. Kickers or the same as as drastic kickers is rarely rarely worked out where that kicker is. Being exactly what you were expected, by the way, Zane Gonzalez is a kicker for the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah. I mean, you know, they ended up look look once they get on the merry go round. You will find them in multiple spots. Right. We'll have success in multiple spots. Right. Phil Dawson had a heck of a career multiple spots Robbie goal heck of a career multiple spots. We just go right on down the line. So I wouldn't spend a whole lot of time on saying this is the kicker we absolutely have to have because let's face it. When you try to kick her high the pressure that comes with that in the scrutiny that comes with it. I'm just asking the question. Name the kicker that got drafted that high paying down for someone that you said that was worth it Sebastian Janikowski. Okay. Keep going and Kevin Butler. Was a fourth round pick by the eighty five bears. Okay. But that's you know, fourth round was the first rounder member rough lurks that name. Yeah. Remember, remember? Tony little yes. Steve little Steve little Steve lentil, and Tony Franklin. Steve little Tony Franklin. Brasler works at all at the same time at the southwest conference, correct irks slate now, let me get this. Right. Irc Slaven was Texas. Yes. Steve little was Arkansas. Correct. And. Tony Franklin was Texas A&_M, correct? Now, here's the thing that era very well done, by the way. Thank you. I was also a punter and they get trapped in the first round by New Orleans kick and punt and he was a stray dog square to kicker. Yup. Didn't work out. Very well. His son actually was a punter at Texas Tech not that long ago. I remember him because I just still doing college games that little ended up in a car accident after losing his job in a kickoff in practice. Correct. Yes. Yes. I remember wrestle off. Right. Who's going to wrestle at one fifty five sort of able to whoever with wrestles at the batch. They had a kick off. And I forgot who it was a guest, but the other guy beat him. He ends up. I believe getting sauced up car wreck quadriplegic he's passed away since then. And then Tony Tony Franklin had a terrific career. Who? Barefoot, but all those back then all of that could kick off of the one I think what is block down on. And you could bring your own ball into kick. These guys brought these pumpkins in. So when they came in to kick the ball to the official he would put that ball into play. And these guys would hit these monster shots would they would warm-up before ball games. It was like going to batting practice with McGwire Sosa hit. They just have moon shots back to. He has the Russell ERC slaving has the longest field goal in college history. Sixty seven yards. Can you? Tell me what round he went in the draft. I mean, not what pick he went in the first round of the draft. Oh, New Orleans picking say somewhere in the neighborhood of top. I would say top fifteen. He was a laboratory I must say thirteen eleven. Okay. Eleven unbelievable. But they thought that they had solved kicker and punter at the same time. Remember, you remember Scott Bentley remember that name which guy Scott Bentley? Yeah. Sleep was his name out of out of Colorado. Florida state took him as you know, recruited him like bad 'cause remember during the wide, right arrow. Losing to Miami. Yep. Needed a kicker and he's struggled for much of his freshman year. But he did kick. The I believe a forty something yard field goal in the orange ball to help their beat Nebraska and that helped pay it off. But you remember the pressure that came with that? I remember correctly is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. No question. All of them saying is yes, everyone's got to have them. And we know what you don't have to kick her. That's why we have this discussion when Cody parkey keeps sitting upright it can change the fortune of your season, it can change the course of your season. All I'm saying is I would be very leery about spending my draft capital on a kicker especially early. Let's talk about the running back position because the bears are looking for somebody who's shiftier quicker and catches the ball better than Jordan Howard. Does. Is there a guy like that that you see with them picking in the third round? There you go. There's a couple of guys. Hold on a second here because I actually just did something I've just watching the tape last night. There's a kid from Florida Atlantic named Devon single Terry. And he can move it. And he can say shifty he's been revived to a little bit. He's not tree Cohen. Okay. So don't don't let me get it. Twisted here. All right. But he's reminds you a little bit of that in terms of movement skills, the whole deal a little bit bigger than Tariq again, not a surprise because Tariq's about a big guy. But he's he's he's one of those guys they can give you that shifty this ability. Catch the ball out of the backfield. All those things that you're looking for. He would be one guy that I would talk about, you know, the, you know, coming out in this thing, of course, the Jacobs kit out of out of Alabama is the one that everyone is kinda got their eye on like, all right? He's he's the guy in this year's draft Damian Harris out of Alabama runs hard. Not quite as fifty is that what you're talking about much more of a compact, I kinda. You know compared to Isaiah Crowell. You know, stronger tough-guy inside could make make some people. You know, I'm not gonna say this is much as bounced through people. And if you just throw it out there, he's liable to run right through that. Those are just a few of the names throw Atua right out of the gate. Charles is you look at the combine there's some big names that are that are garnering a lot of hype going into this thing that I'm really curious to see Tyler Murray is at the top of that at olive Radha Houston made some headlines for some of the wrong reasons in terms of going back and forth with coach whichever side. You stand on that argument. But he was a guy one point. You're talking about was the first pick. It is trapped that has since waned I'm and there's some other guys out there who are you most excited to see resigned. Gary from from Michigan's and other when it comes to mind for me. Yeah. Sean, Gary is a guy that when you look at if you just throw out a sizzle reel a highlight tape, you think that this guy was just a and a double digit sack guy the whole deal, and you go back and look at his numbers, and they'll still stunned you. The few number of sacks plays made that sort of deal. He is one of those that is a much better looking prospect and athlete in the production numbers will tell you. But he's still going to go high because people are gonna say, yeah, we can get it. We can get all that. If we can do this. We can do that. He will be one of the biggest thing is what's going to be tape measure. You know, I was talking to someone today. And you know, they were like. Fifty break five ten and I talked to someone else two days ago. And they're like the air is if he breaks five nine. There is a real mixed thing where he actually measure but his game and his talent he plays like he's six five. Just and I don't mean like his style. But his numbers is production. The are everything that you're looking for. He's just a very short compact guy. I think some people will say, well, we gave a grades, and I rapped grades to everything. Russell Wilson did accept tight. He goes into third round. And we've all paid for that since then do we want to make that same mistake again with the collar Murray? And I think that's going to be an interesting conversation piece for these people they tried to decide where they're they gonna take him where they're going to go with that Oliver's. You know, that there was so much talk that he was Aaron Donald right? You probably hear that time and time again style play up your penetrator the whole deal. He didn't play as well. They fear not overly surprising. We ended up with these guys were you know, they're going to come out. There's some that Debbie and cloudy. Make sure I don't get hurt. You know that sort of a deal ends up. Having a confrontation with the coach about a coat, and I'm not laying out all on the kid. I mean that is a mature head coach you like is there a better way to handle this? Coat off. But that that's a whole nother story. You know, what I watch member John Randall? Upfield penetrating defensive tackle. He reminds me him a little bit as well. I've kinda Compton, you know. Yeah. You're Donald because he's the hot ticket now, but old school was John Randall and member John Randall was totally unheralded coming out of college..

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