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At 15 and 45 powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red 9 15 and over to Dave Johnson Well the category this morning things that only happened once every 75 seasons actually three times every 75 seasons MBA That's why I never game show host I got the question wrong The winner is Thomas sador ansky last night He had a scoreless double double No points 13 assists and ten rebounds That's only the third time it's ever happened at NBA history It was part of the wizards one 27 one ten whatever the magic crystals porzingis led the wizards with 35 points The United States has done it They have qualified for the World Cup after missing out in 2018 for the first time in 32 years They are going to cut her later this November when the tournament takes place a draw will be tomorrow They did suffer two nothing lost to Costa Rica but they didn't need to win to qualify Why should spare rally from a two now they deficit a Tutu time with North Carolina On the rich eisen show former Washington quarterback Alex Smith while he reflected on his time in D.C. There's a lot of there's a lot of stuff going on there A lot of distraction It makes it difficult to kind of focus in on the football I know they're trying to settle it down It's still I think kind of remains to be seen if it's going to happen I'm trying to settle that down but beyond the noise rob wood fork and the D.C. sports They have vastly outdated facilities the training facility their stadium is a well renowned mess Complete D.C. sports home conversation on the podcast D.C. app Apple wherever you get your podcasts or WTO dot com Again Bruce Arians is now going to be the general manager of the bucketeers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles promoted to head coach He's the fourth blackhead coach in Buccaneers history That's the most in the league Women's soccer game in Barcelona yesterday drew a record crowd of 91,000 as Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 5 to two Dave Johnson WTO sports.

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