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So i'm just worried about the the the clutter was going to be worth already selfish and i'm not saying this about you. Mark in general were were selfish. We just push everything as is and we. We make the audience. We expect the audience to sit down and filter out through this and find something of value for that. So there's a lot of that in the lincoln post today. You know if it's if i do that it's not intentional. Right so this. Is it working in progress. But if you if you give me three hundred characters. And i have no idea what i'm talking about than that's just more bad contents. I think in my in my opinion. Now how can this used for good will like you said. I think you mentioned it. replacing articles posts and that that that could be a again. It's an opportunity if if there is value and even then if there's value. I don't think that i wanna read three hundred character posts all day long every day so i i would like to read one of your posted seattle. Maybe a video change things up now. A video a short one thousand character posts podcast a one liner once in a while. Just changing things up. Well thanks for the great insight. Where can people learn more about you and raise the runway lincoln. We're just talking about lincoln. That's where i spend most of my time so happy. Happy to connect their well. Thanks for listening to another episode of marketing spark. If you enjoyed the conversation leave a review and subscribe by tunes spotify or your favorite podcast app if you'd like to learn more about how how. Bbc's companies as a fractional samo strategic advisor in coach sending email to mark marketing spark told. We'll talk to you tonight..

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