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Well that is. What i was thinking was happening in cover remember. I brought that up like why they were doing it in the will hand lab and something else they were doing in australia or whatever and i thought maybe they do that because they have different rules outside the us exactly why they did it. I found some the correspondence between the doctors dr cutler and that's why they moved these experiments was wish they did start them in prisons here and they moved them over there and the the letters doctors wrote to each other emphasized. We can't tell people what we're doing. We have to keep as few people. In the lowest possible whipped they lied to the guatemalan government who they roped into helping them without them fully knowing what they were doing and there's other lawsuits however this is the most shocking part. Well not what. I read the most shocking part but connecting this to right now. There's lawsuits against non-government organizations because some of the doctors involved in the experiments were head doctors at johns hopkins university figures so nearly eight hundred former research subjects and their families filed a billion dollar lawsuit against john hopkins university blaming the for its role in the nineteen forties government experiments guatemala that infected hundreds with syphilis gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases. The lawsuit seeks to hold hopkins responsible for the experiments. Because it's doctors held key roles on panels that reviewed and approved federal spending on the experiments also listed in. The suit are the rockefeller foundation and the drug maker bristol-myers squibb as defendants and that was in two thousand fifteen now as recent as twenty nineteen january twenty nine hundred united states federal judge stated at john hopkins university bristol myers in the rockefeller foundation. Must face a one billion dollar lawsuit for the roles in this experiment and as recent as august two thousand nineteen a motion to dismiss by the defendants. The rockefeller foundation and johns hopkins was denied. So here's what we have. Here's the situation. We have the university that was at the center of the vent to a one that is being presented to us as the ultimate authoritative source for this pandemic. That university is currently still tied up in a lawsuit seeking billions of dollars for the role. They played in intentionally infecting hundreds of guatemalans with syphilis. That's authoritative source that we're being told to trust unquestionably. Should we trust them. Should we trust the media absolutely now when the standard is to lie the liars prove without a doubt that they are for once telling the truth so this year we should trust them without a doubt is ridiculous it is it's like johnson and johnson. I mean who would you. They're telling us to trust them and they have a history of hurting people. It's really i. People should do their homework on the institutions that get the imprimature from the powers that be. Just it's shocking. So i do want to. I have a quick shout out. I wanna shout out. Is can't because when i announced that people might not have heard this because i only told patrons so we were changing our patron tears a little bit. So we're going to go to one deep disappearing patron party a month and one zoom party a month instead of two dp is on the occasional zoom party but isn't can't said that he would continue to conduct the patron parties on discord. So he set up a you are alkyl. Dpp discord dp d. dot com have to do is register for discord. And go there..

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