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Making weather less scary do you field that so much of it is just giving information to kids knowing that there is the bright spot that mr rogers talks about but also just having information so they can understand what's happening absolutely when i go out and i talk to kids rita schools they wanna talk about the weather we want to tell you about this storm that they went through here in the northeast it was hurricane sandy a couple of years ago and kids wanted to well we had to go to wear grandparents house or we had to treat a came down in our backyard and more often than not they're excited to tell you about those stories and knowledge is power see if you can tell these kids why whether phenomenon happens as it here and you can sit down and that's what i wanted to do with these folks have a nice story obviously loves to broadcast of weather he's been at the news network for years now and his friend sally croker and polywater have these great fun characters but also have a lesson in there so that parents can talk to their kids about why hurricane added what's a tornado how a flash flood are occurs and how we can avoid that situation so all of these things i wanted to do and i have to tell you it's so heartwarming to me when i hear from parents and teachers after the book they read the book and kids who mike mom dad let's make an emergency kit together and what is our plan if there is hurricane in our area or what do we do these things i think if we talk to our kids in advance we tell them why things happen that takes to scare out of a potentially scary situation and also with parents we have to realise that our kids cake cues from ice so if we're less frantic about a situation where under on and we are a little bit more prepared kids are going to feel a little bit more secure janet's deemed good advice and stay with us because we're going to have much more.

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