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January NPR's Scott Horsley says the latest jobs numbers are due out in about an hour forecasters are expecting the labor department report another solid month of job gains but the news may be outdated as soon as its published reports based on surveys conducted three weeks ago that was before the sharp jump in reports of coronavirus outside of China where the epidemic began since then growing fears about the virus and the damage it might do to the economy have triggered a sharp sell off on Wall Street major stock indexes tumbled again on Thursday industries that could see job cuts as a result of coronavirus include manufacturing and hospitality factories have already had trouble getting parts from China travel and tourism could also take a hit Scott Horsley NPR news Washington at least twenty states are now reporting cases of the corona virus Maryland is reporting its first cases all three related to overseas travel the virus is blamed for at least twelve deaths in the U. S. all but one in Washington state vice president pence acknowledges there aren't enough test kits to meet demand nationwide he says the federal government is working on that president trump is expected to sign the bill allocating more than eight billion dollars to combat the virus this is NPR news from Washington president trump is canceling today's visit to the centers for disease control and prevention in Atlanta the White House is offering no explanation later today the president will be in Tennessee to get a look at the damage done by Tuesday's tornadoes they left twenty four people dead the Taliban are denying responsibility for today's deadly attack in Afghanistan's capital at least twenty seven people were killed and more than fifty wounded when gunmen opened fire at a ceremony honoring a former Shiite leader and P. ours did the deed says one of the country's former presidential candidates escaped unhurt special forces rushed to the area where gunmen opened fire on the ceremony from a nearby building under construction according to local news outlet tolo the chief rival of the president his name is on Dunlop Dunlop was bundled away but his deputy described the attack as suspicious that's because of the law doesn't recognize I should've honey as a legitimate president of Afghanistan but a spokesman for honey condemned the attack the tensions in Kabul complicate an already tricky deal signed between the United States and the Taliban that would see thousands of American forces withdrawal by the middle of next year that's because the deal calls for negotiations between the Taliban enough guns to settle the country's future but I've gone to divide it and they have to reconcile for those talks to go ahead do you have date NPR news Islamabad Dow futures are off more than six hundred points this morning I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington you're listening to morning edition on KCRW I'm Evan Kleiman on.

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