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Detailed instructions from spectrum. They have a page somewhere there deep page were they explain exactly what they need and every systems a little different my system for instance, says, don't use start Tia less but do use SSL things off why? Hey, how are you today Leo Laporte here the Tech Guy Time talk computers the Internet Home Theater. Digital Photography smartphones SMART WATCHES All that jazz I feel so dumb. Professor Laura, had explained it to me. Earlier. On the show she played as our return music because she does she's our you know musical director. She got the orchestra to play that great fleetwood Mac Song, dreams. I didn't realize she was kind of doing a backhanded reference to a big story. This week I must have missed it. See you know talk. Of course, you do TIKTOK which has not been banned. Thanks to a judge's reprieve. Apparently. there's guy on Tiktok. Just. Some average Joe on Tiktok who posted a video know that's one of the things that's really cool about Tiktok is that you can. use real music commercial music as the background. For your video your one minute you know. Video so This guy on Tiktok I, WanNa give a give his name because he he deserves a lot of a lot of credit. he posted a video of him skateboarding. While drinking a little bit of cranberry juice. And Lip synching very kind of you know you know. Half had have haphazardly there's a word I can say on the air. Gap hazardously Ryan's of the word I wanted to say to the fleetwood MAC streams. a song came out in nineteen, seventy seven. Admittedly Nathan APODACA, is it excellent skateboarder he was able to do this and drink cranberry juice all while riding skateboards and one has to think holding a phone on a selfie stick. But it's not like mine shattering Tiktok not even that interesting but this is the power of Tiktok. Doing that skateboard ride a few days ago. And of course, one of the things that happens at Tiktok as and people respond and they use the same backgrounds music and that's the real power of talks that little Nasdaq's is Song became the biggest selling number one hit of all time Old Town road? fleetwood MAC streams which came out in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven, the year. I got out of college. And I'm old. What does that fifty? Three years ago. Is that right now forty three years ago. Forty, three years ago. Is Back on the charts. Number Twenty nine and the rolling stones some chart forty three years later..

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