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The play on serbia has a good chance but yeah you have machado when your team in a former showing that would make them the they have you ever since they get their yeah so be underdogs in the world series and speaking of the nfl west colorado rockies now at five out seemingly dropping like a stone out of this thing nolan arnaldo could be a big time upcoming free agent desire anyway you think the rockies would move him in the next month or so before the deadline if they continue to fall out of it no i don't think there's any chance that what happened i think your earliest whatever trae or not would be you next summer right trade deadline if they're out of it again virginia chance anywhere in the world they would trade him now they keep the guy learn we learn from extension yeah that's a good point too i just figured what the year plus and having that extra year of eligibility maybe that would change things speaking of young two in the league labor torres has lit up the yankees the al rookie of the year probably favorite playing new york ends up on the dl today with hip stiffness in what is obviously tight race between the yankees and red sox were every single game of these hundred sixty two are gonna matter how big loss gleyber torres be likely out until the all star break and frankly with how many big hits he's had many games he won could we look back at this labor torres the elston that actually be the difference between the yankees and red sox and who wins this division here i mean it's possible i mean when you get the real breaking courses that you got the all star break coming up so you get the extra four days off so if you're going to get hurt now's the time to get hurt so you can you know sit out the rest of the first half in the four days on the all star break so yeah it'll be a great division race but with american league structured right now i'm the losers guaranteed about a wildfire spot anyway control those your plate you face james paxson seattle wildcard game at least it'd be home and everything else so it's not like the days of nineteen ninety three when the giants one hundred three games and missed the playoffs because the braves bob nightingale join us from usa today you just mentioned something i wanted to hit on to that i was thinking to myself as well everyone was how big year james paxton's had for seattle and they will seemingly finally snapped his playoff drought that they've been in the longest in american sports if they get to this wildcard game you're already from paxton out there to start that game because obviously it would have to play that sunday i thought this would they really still do that and not give felix hernandez one crackers if they lost that game don't make the playoffs we never get to see felix hernandez possibly ever pitch in the postseason are you a you've positive you would think they would go paxton over felix and that one game you got to win that game right now sure i mean there's no moral victories there yeah yeah i mean you wins a game they yeah then you get to see a playoff game but you can't go sentiment now you must be honest you know georgia's by their star right now it's a good point it'd be nice to see the seattle mariners finally get a taste the playoffs and went with that with all five playoff spots budge ally fourth looking like they're assured in the american league the only real if you will drama there will be will be the yankees and red sox and who wins the division you could have one hundred win team playing the one game playoff now this is nothing new based on what happened the nl central few years back with the pirates and the cubs and the cardinals in that race and it was kind of fun and we had a one game playoff there was a minor uproar but we know the yankees and red sox obviously turn the dial a major league baseball we have one hundred loss team go to one game playoff hosted in lose james paxton will.

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