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Felt uncomfortable on a job site like if you're a pro wrestler and you headed down that reigned opened up cantaloupe ads but you put your best on and sat out or what if you down on a mat looking up at the lights and a referees has one two three and you wouldn't supposed to do the favors that's awkward right if this kind of stuff happens on the job site work can be uncomfortable so at least get work gear that is comfortable timberland pro make shirts pants and boots for all kinds of jobs and all kinds of weather so you can do your best work day in and day out head to toe tamburlaine pro not uncomfortable hi i'm spencer roscoff the ceo of zillow group and i have a new podcast here on podcast one called office hours listen as i have one on one conversations with other ceos we have the kind of conversations that can only happen between peers tackling tough questions sharing hardwon insights and helping to define what leadership means today join me twice a month on office hours exclusively on apple podcasts podcast one dot com and the new podcast one app steve almost didn't show near three seventeen gimmick street i'm rolling sound i got james work on the end of the phone on skype james how are you today i'm i'm cool man at three seventeen gimmick street months you have assured i just bought it hot topic it was the allston three seventeen for saint patrick's day due to me about that shirt because i've been seeing those things everywhere and i leave him no that just behind it what does the story with those things it is a saint patrick's day gimmick or what yeah in hot topic i was in there and that's all the old schools three sixteenths jer then right under it was allston three seventeen per se patrick's day three dates for saint touch these three seventeen so head and bought it and i think that's weeded you the picture god dang pitching us on noel foley had a pitcher of three seventeen shared i don't know if you knew wwe trademark three sixteen so nobody else can use three sixteen on a shirt including yours truly anytime they go somewhere where the dallas houston chicago they got the three sixteen shares.

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