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Have one of two types of episodes all of them revolving around learning and using Mandarin. Chinese one type of episode will be my updates on. What I'm learning? How I'm learning it different quirks within language and sometimes information about China itself since I am living in trying high China right now the second type of that zone where I'm interviewing people as at are either learning the language like I am or people who grew up with Mandarin Chinese and the learned other languages the updates used to be on a YouTube channel. But have now migrated over into the podcast. The interviews started on the YouTube channel as well. And they very quickly ended up on the podcast. So everything's been kind of going back and forth. Now having said that the podcast is also available to listen on its own YouTube channel check the show notes, and you can find the link to the YouTube channel there. It's just an audio form. If you're studying Mandarin Chinese have city Mandarin Chinese, I'll whether it be a child, doesn't it dolt? You're currently studying you're currently. Using the language. I would love to interview you. So please contact me. These kinds of podcasts are passion projects created from a place of deep interest, and they need to find other people that have those interests in the best way to do that is word of mouth. So you can go fill out an apple podcast review. If you really want to. But honestly, I'd much rather you tell a few of your friends about this podcast. Thank you so much, and let's dive into the episode. I love telling the story of how I met the people I'm interviewing because oftentimes there is a personal connection that happens way before the interview, and that is very very true. With Matt's case matinee connected on YouTube, months, and months and months ago, and in fact, for his language card games that he's going to talk about during this interview because he should because it's awesome. I actually did a review for the cards a few months ago that still on my YouTube channel, and he's come out with a few new desks for the card since then as a matter of fact, he's so hard working, and they are such a really a really amazing tool to learn Chinese well playing a game we. Met on YouTube. I got a glimpse into his level of the of of Mandarin Chinese, and I I was awestruck. I am still even now year and a half in still struggling with getting basic things out of my mouth that are not just critically. Correct. But that actually get something done that convey, some sort of meaning. And so I was just I was awestruck that he was so advanced than not only was he using language functionally, but he was creating specific gaming world fo cabbie Jerry games to help other people get to a very high level in a very fun way. And so I knew when I started the changing scripts podcast that he was going to be on here. I think you're gonna really really enjoy Matt's insight and experience into learning and using and using Mandarin Chinese in China one final audio to make here this interview with Matt was done a couple of months ago. This was meant to be the first. Episode of this season of changing scripts long story short. It was my first remote interview. And I made every single mistake with the technical slash audio aspect of it. And I couldn't do it by myself, and they finally reached out to Jay Jackson at the school of podcasting dot com. And we finally got the audio to the point or it is listenable. I appreciate your patience with those tiny residual audio things that might come through. So thank you very much. Dave. Thank you so much for remotely being in this conversation. Thank you for having me at my name. This Matthew Boyle, and I grew up outside of Washington DC, I can trace back my interest to China and Chinese to a single moment in high school when I picked up a small book of zen parables, my father received a miniatures and garden from a friend to keep on his desk at work, and it came with this book. So I read these parables, and I got really interested in zen and Buddhism and later Taoism, and I was reading a lot of that in high school, and when I went to university I kept studying that kind of stuff, and I took a year of Chinese. And then I was planning to teach in my home state Virginia..

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