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Isn't it amazing where they probably walked by each other. Every day every other day for a long period of time and they met on farmers only but she told me one of the craziest stories. She was actually engaged to marry someone but he was. I calm city slickers. But he was the city slicker. They were talking about after they get married. Where they're gonna live and she went ahead. Write out in the country and have a lot of land resources and he said why don't we can live in the suburbs will just keep the horses in the garage. And that's when she said i did. This is not gonna work out and she ended. The relationship ended up on farmers. Only and madly in love met the perfect guy. They got two or three kids now. I visited farm out in the middle of nowhere with their madly in love. This is years and years ago. My slogan for farmers only was city folks. Just don't get it. And that kind of summed it up. This guy really thought that you could just keep horses in the garage. Will my horses in the garage. Very conflicted by that statement but no that really is amazing and it's cool that even people who are living in a more city area or have lived there at some point in their life. There's a lot of success stories using farmers only dot com from that standpoint as well so very very cool all around jerry you have created so much magic and touch so many people's lives and it's so cool that it all goes back to hearing about this real need that's out there and finding a solution for it..

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