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Critical condition after a kayak fell off of a car and hit him according to florida highway patrol marshall funderburk was walking along lillian highway just before ten last night a kayak fell from a passing vehicle and hit the pavement and then hit funderburk the car kept going florida highway patrol is now investigating the accident traffic stop and destined lead to the arrest of three people and the seizure of math and drug paraphernalia according to the okaloosa county sheriff's office a deputy pulled over a car yesterday warning for a traffic violation during the soft they discovered one of the people in the car with shell timmers had an active warrant for failure failure to appear in court when she got out of the car deputies found drug paraphernalia in plain sight to others in the car were also arrested andrew keys and christopher warman they were arrested for having math and paraphernalia on them while searching the car deputies found scale syringes a marijuana pipe a meth pipe and literature on how to make math a miami man is behind bars for allegedly trafficking drugs out of a destined hotel room according to the okaloosa county sheriff's office deputies were called to the village in on harbor boulevard in destin yesterday they were responding to a call of a lot of people coming in and out of a room when deputies got there they found robert cooper in the room deputies searched the room and found bags of cocaine in a bucket by the sink and a sock with nearly eight thousand dollars in it under a tv stand cooper told deputies he won the money gambling but didn't remember where or when he has now been charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distributes the alabama department of corrections is now looking into a suicide of a death row inmate holman correctional officials found jeffrey lynn born and hanging by bedsheet this morning during a security check he was sentenced to nineteen ninetythree for the murder of his wife sheryl borden and her father roland harris in jefferson county his body has been turned over to alabama department of forensic sciences coming up a local historian with lifelong ties to the area being tapped to use his famous boys for his favorite game and the metoo movement has brought workplace sexual harassment to the forefront a.

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