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I was I. I can't I can't I can't stop think I'm not a particularly religious person. I'm like Bare Minimum Jew. But I feel like from what I remember of the ten plagues work twenty percent in with a deadly disease and some version of locusts. So I'm sort of looking at the rest of the Bingo card wondering what's next. Yeah my like Bare Minimum Jew as the as the an alternate variant on the bear Jew from inglorious bastards bare minimum. If these are the plagues in the words of like the Passover Song Diana it would have been enough this. This is enough if they want to call it a good. I'm good here. We're good we've message received. Don't try to take them out yourself if you see them. Said that is a fucking line from jaws. That is a line from like a horror. Mommy don't try to take them out. You're safe and in this film. Inevitably there's a small be plot or pun or a just a scene or you see these like renegade assholes who are drunk like man. We're going to go fuck and kill those Hornets ourselves. Yeah absolutely destroyed by them. Yes don't be surprised if you see small children just being carried away. I guess you've will be able to see the the giant Hornet carrying them. What anyways go ahead is there any like? Is there any rhyme or reason like that someone? Kid like their tips. Or it's like you probably don't WanNa be in this area or around this shit. They're just sort of like a but if you see 'em fucking run for your life is so fortunately and just kidding none of the. There's not a single detail in this. That is fortunate so like with the be like. There's a big old honeycomb hive that like you see hanging from a tree and you can like hear them these things burrow underground so you can just like be walking around the ground and step into a nest of these and then you're fucked So there's just like no good no good news on the giant killer. Japanese Hornet Front. So yeah one wrong step and you could descend into waspy hell. Maybe the Bible was like onto something. Now Take Today on Bible. I'M GONNA throw it out there all right. Let's take a quick break Jamie. You have to leave us. It has been a pleasure. Having you for these two musk's baby. Good luck because oppressor dry. Well no grimes she. She lactates like Like electricity it's bad beat. I'm wetness gotTa Hustle. Okay buy a house Luke Air. Oh I see you look over. There is that culture yes coach last last culture recess calling. Hello My name is Matt Roger. Hi My name is Bowen Yang. And we're the hosts of loss culture east us the pop culture podcast now on. Iheartradio.

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