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The pause alone is troubling. No. I was not the second best player. I would probably the second best player. I probably roll out. I mean, depends on looking at probably roll out of Rondo depending on what I'm looking. Depending on what I'm looking at. ARCHE put in Ingram orchid put in. It just depends on what the make, but we don't know what Ingram is. We don't know what Kouzmin is yet when we know what twenty three on the hill catches which is a star. But when I see them on the floor, they give okay. All he, he's, he's basically almost a seven footer he's six eleven or something who shot fifty percent of the floor forty percent from three eighty five percent from the free throw line average six assists a game with eleven and nineteen points. He has twenty. He is good. There's no question about that, but them do is coming in there. Right? But yet is what we're saying. That is not not even close, not even close as where Aaron Donald contract is to what he wants. Not here close. I'll say this to you. Somebody really good on the Laker squad just turned twenty three. At same age of calculable. Yeah, right. Kacoos Cooper is nowhere near as good. Did it one year man? You gotta let coups do it a couple of years. He's only he's only showing you what he showed you last year's rookies nowhere near as good. He's only shown you. You think one year that you're. Get better. You think he's. Don't they don't get back? Yes. Okay. Twenty three right now. And I'm not one guys. One guy is here. I'm not looking at the age. I'm looking at the productivity and what they do when they on the floor. Well, there too. Making it seem like cool, just stay where you know we're not knowing nothing, Chris, but your act amac Yokich is gonna stay where he's at regress acting like that. But I also noted the do could take off in elevate your whole 'nother level. Yes, can do that. Yes. When you plan alone side, a guy like LeBron I understand that and some guys can do that. And some of those guys are Yokich and doing it without a guy like LeBron was a guy that's already shown you that. Costa showed you stuff to now. I'm not. I'm not coups train. One could argue is that I helped build the engines. The tracks trainers running on. I l.. L. she and I were on summer league bandwagon. I will say this was a poll if Denver were to call me. I mean, I mean, you really wanna put a nickel. Putting it will if Denver were to call up magic rob right now and says, don't get. Would they do what they would do talking about here. Dealing. Zerorez years left Moscow point is they put up a poll, put up a poll, say, put up opponents say is Coors finished Willie ever..

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