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Congresswoman ill Han Omar Omar is an American citizen but was born in Somalia and what started as a viral joke on Facebook to illegally storm area fifty one to see what's on the military base is apparently the real deal for some fifty one of course the secret Air Force base long rumored by some to hold aliens Rachel Nevada a is the closest town area fifty one the welcome sign reads population human the town's only motel the little alien is getting bombarded by calls for rooms on September twentieth they have none left and over the alien research centre Linda loony says it's gonna be interesting very interesting dear forces warning storming area fifty one would be a legal and dangerous signs warn deadly force will be you I hope there's not that many people over a million people have responded they will attend I like stone ABC news your next news update coming at six thirty I'm will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS Kentucky and is breaking news weather and traffic station all right maybe I need to have more caffeine or something but this is just the dumbest story I've ever okay I mean it was kind of okay the first day the second day or whatever it is you know all of this stuff the X. files and all this it's a TV show okay storming area fifty one is like an industrial strength stupid idea yeah and you're gonna put people at risk particularly your circle ticket Lee you exactly I mean come on at people think it is this would be the equivalent as if someone put together storm Fort Knox they can't stop assault one old no Einstein they have tanks and they're not real particular of having unscheduled visitors down there at the gold vault so few storm Fort Knox you will lose so it's the same case here it's a it's an air base we test stealth devices there they'll blow you up and you'll never know what happened so what's the point they did do we really expected if we storm area fifty one that they're going to say okay you've got as we've got these little green men that are that are locked up we're gonna have a press conference with him I mean what do you expect what's what's like the most you can expect to happen I mean did you storm area fifty one I mean do they expect that they're just gonna crash shade in there just give me an alien in the lobby sitting there drinking a Cup of coffee just pay on yet and you found me okay buddy but I guess you know I guess I'll I'll.

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