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Samantha, Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Abe discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


Water rosa no membership fees you can skip any month you can cancel anytime and shipping is covered if you don't like bottle they send you they'll replace it with a bottle that you do like discover great wine today go to try wink dot com slash ben that's t r y w inc dot com slash ben and get twenty bucks off your first shipment that's try wink dot com slash ben for twenty dollars off for shipment try wink with the dot com slash venues that's let them know that we say all right so samantha yesterday of course was the big news because samantha b called vong trump a feckless seaward why because among trump had committed the grave sin of having the goal to photograph herself with her child over memorial day weekend why you ask would this make her affect lucy word well because apparently at the border illegal immigrant parents are being separated from their children what does that have to do with vodka trump has nothing the answer is nothing but samantha b decided that this made of trump fecklessly word and that she should instead dress sexy for her dad because her dad wants to have sex with her according to samantha b and then she should stump for samantha as preferred immigration policy well all of this broke and and the right predictably and correctly went nuts they said this is insane why would you go after vodka trump this way we just had a controversy in which roseanne barr lost her show for using a racist slur against valerie jarrett in her show actually had ratings meant the bees show where seven people watch including samantha abe's immediate family and yet samantha b still gets to remain on air now i'm not calling for samantha b to be fired because frankly i think that her viewers got exactly what they were looking for i think tbs hired her knowing full well what they were getting i think the roseanne situation.

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