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This will bring it right to you Niles. Police continue their search this afternoon for the driver of a vehicle in a hit and run that left a seventy two year old man dead. Police say Michael Pura was walking across Greenwood avenue at Betty terrace last night, when he was struck by a white pick-up, truck or SUV a second vehicle rear ended the first vehicle which drove off from the scene. Mary put Laura tell CBS to her husband visited his mother's gravesite just a few days ago. I'm not ready to cop a wonderful wife to take care of police say the driver of the second vehicle stayed at the scene and tried to help WBZ news time for six it wasn't rat poison was mushrooms that made a doc sick in Morton grove this preserved. Police searched Lynn woods after the heartland animal shelter posted a warning to dog owners thinking someone had scattered rat poison laced treats along the trail, we want people to know, we took the concerns very seriously, and we really wanted to fully investigate and make sure that there wasn't this problem in our preserved while they didn't find tainted treats Cook County forest. Preserve police spokesman Carl Vogel says they did find the owner who said the dog had been off leash and eight a wild mushroom. Police say the scare is a good reminder to dog owners to keep them leashed at all Cacani force preserves with the exception of permitted areas. Michelle Fiore, NewsRadio one one zero five point nine FM. One of the candidates for Chicago mayor says it's time to greatly reduce the number of valid voter signatures needed to get on the ballot to run for mayor. Former alderman and current mayoral candidate. Bob fioretti says he thinks requiring twelve thousand five hundred signatures is wrong. It's to keep people.

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