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WABC, rob KENDALL. The rob KENDALL show that was governor Holcomb speaking to reporters at the state house about miracle medical marijuana on the first day of session. You can find those full the full QNA over at Indy. Politics dot org. Again, it's a guy reflecting on the topic of medical marijuana. Eric welcome continues to deflect because the answers he's giving. I mean, look that standard by the standard you gave while the federal government hasn't legalized yet. So I'm not gonna do anything till the federal government legalize it. Well, teams are the federal the governor drives on federal highways and whether the speed limit's fifty five sixty whatever I'm sure the governor has gone more than fifty five miles an hour or whatever the posted speed limit is on a federal highway. It's the same thing. I'm sure he's done fifty eight on on a fifty five or sixty on a fifty five, and I'm sure his people his drivers have done sixty or fifty eight hundred fifty five that's not an excuse. Right. I mean, the federal government has basically said we have legalized it yet. But if you want to do it, certainly for medical purposes, we're not gonna do anything. They're not doing anything about states. That are doing it for recreational purposes, we could places like Colorado and now Michigan nothing's happening. That's an excuse. Deflecting, and he's gonna hide behind will the federal government hasn't legalized it yet as long as he can because that will keep Eric welcomes big pharma donors happy who don't want medical marijuana, and he can continue to hide behind that. And that'll be his excuse for allowing people who need comfort to suffer people with cancer PTSD patients people with migraines, terminal illness, whatever it might be he'd rather those people continue to take and get hooked on opioids rather than have medical marijuana because that's what his big pharma donors want. We spelled it out for you. Just last week thirty thousand dollars in donations big donations from Eli Lilly. Since December twenty sixteen ten thousand dollars a year that you don't get money for nothing. You don't get money for nothing. Finally, governor Holcomb asked about hate crimes legislation. Take a listen,.

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