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The wave of renault's microfirms credit card because it was my wallet it's an at cornell being backed me right now my car is eight thousand miles castawano little change and i filed an extension on my taxes so likelihood that i am up to date on the universities research grants i'm not but parents are like nodding because they're probably still wondering what i'm going to follow through on what a promise them fourteen years ago when i graduated to take muscle off of him his cellphone land it's too convenient guys are obviously not here today to tell you how to be like a competent functioning adults what's i am however goes we earnest's about a few things that have been spinning around my my legally i grew up playing basketball eventually i think fear at the university of colorado it's right i i practiced every day for almost a decade has been afternoons in evenings working on my game in a jim empty of everything except my dad a basketball ending his years i took two hundred fifty cents a day which means that growing up i took one million shots and that was one million shots that no one witness and noone applauded okay and yet i remember the undiluted sense of accomplishment when i watched the ball art toward the rim and when i watched the drop the net get a gratification came from feeling the competence of my own body which i had harnessed repetition.

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