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City and there's beauty its residents, your community, and you have said while others flew here agrue here. So I love my city and everything around it and. You work not only to uplift your community but communities everywhere. When did you come up because I really liked that when you say while others flew here I grew here because I'm not GonNa Jersey from Jersey like that but I, flew here. So I I like what you say I was like she don't know still that when I go back home and do something for nuts live but go back home to. Jersey and we use that but I love that like what? What made you come up with that? I started thinking about their at first started out at the a lesser. Morgan State University s okay. We had like all these people that were not from both lor that didn't really understand the beauty of both law so they came for college. Won't you guys are here but you want to be. The best place in urge so You don't really understand because whether it's because you migrated here I grew up here. So see the wonderful is that it is. For All of it, I see the great. The good things in what people I think are bad things. And it. I think growing up here just. Make. That even just more prevalent, it is a way to see. When people think of Things like Oh. These older squeegee boys out of control actually as. As entrepreneurs bring a bright smile day when they put the little on your way down. People who just don't understand these kids could be doing so many other things they had you'll business but yesterday just trying to wash the window and make a dialer and be productive. You yet you definitely have a heart for people. Like be like Oh. Okay. Let me see what I got. Let me see what I got. But when you look at it through different, is it show it?.

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