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It was a loser again. On tuesday colonels when he was a winner on tuesday. That was trevor. Rogers and kwang-hyon kim for the saint louis cardinals all three games. Well under the total there at busch stadium. Yeah when you get bad offenses. If bush stadium those games are probably gonna go under the total. That was the case here with the marlins and the cardinals we picked off one of them but i think we probably could have done a little bit better. There saw some very heavy j. hat money. On tuesday against the twins that was the seattle mariners twins still despite never really getting to the point of positive. Aggression still looked to be better team in the alternate standings metrics and they actually are seattle team. It's very very bad. Horrific offense at home as we know sauce of minnesota money come in in that tuesday game did not work out though for the backers of j. and minnesota wednesday so on under move from eight down to seven with sandy contra johan oviedo. That was a game that ended one nothing kernels with a walk off win there. So as i said. None of those games at busch stadium on monday tuesday or wednesday coming anywhere close to going over the total source of undermining wednesday in milwaukee. That was tyler mail and freddie peralta maala spin rate guy a guy to be concerned about the brewers just absolutely not hitting at home not hitting right. He's not really hitting in general so the under money a winner there and these totals moves have been very very sharp and correct more often than not so far this season here so pay close attention to the totals market because right now i'm not seeing a lot of side movement. I think there's a lot of questions would spin rates. And all of that totals movement. Not a ton of side moves here this week and with some of the recent mlb announcements so watch for those totals moves. They have been pretty good. like zack. wheeler clayton kershaw under on wednesday. That one never came close. We had the first five hundred three and a half that was never close either so a lot of money. In that wheeler kershaw game wound up being good one side move that we did have on. Wednesday was the twins against the mariners that was bailey over and justice. Sheffield sheffield. didn't pitch very well. Over dead mariners. Offense didn't do anything we had under eight and a half. it comes in at seven to two. That game was over by what the sixth inning. I think so now it was a bad beat but i guess on the right side. They're over on the right side with sheffield thursday. Seeing some movement here totals moved down from seven and a half to seven in the cubs and mets game. That's marcus stroman. And kyle hendricks. I took a piece of the over for tonight. I actually the over seven in that. One i disagree with the move hendrix with no command this year stroman with some aggression signs in the profile so piece of the over seven in that comes in matte. Scam seem braves. Money gets john dance. That's charlie morton on the hill. Not a surprise john get remains despite giving up twelve runs in his last two starts one of the biggest regression candidates in baseball. So it's not a surprise to see braves money there. In fact i took a piece of the braves run line for tonight's action reds padres. Total getting beat up from seven to seven and a half also joe. Musk grove money on the padres in that one interesting. Why move with the total. I could see where people prefer. Mouse grove to miley even though miley and muster with all similar stat lines for this season the key difference grove with a lot more strikeouts but interesting to see that total going up from seven to seven and a half where the reds have those big home road splits and the padres just aren't hitting anything at all right now. Pretty telling line move there. I talk all the time looking for context in the lines and in the line movements. That's a pretty strong position to take with a total going up from seven seven and a half there in that one. Also seeing some mild raise interest against the mariners. That's rich hill. On the mound. For the raise just done for the mariners. No play in that game for me. I did write about rich hill. And his spin rate decreases over his last couple starts in that daily article over at. Ats dot iso. So what am i looking at here for the weekend well. Let's insert with that reds and padres series with wade miley and joe. Musk groped tonight. Tony santee and chris paddack on friday. Vladimir gutierrez denison lament on saturday. And then louis castio and yu darvish coming up here on sunday big questions here about whether or not the padres are ever going to hit the underlying stats. Say they should be a hell of a lot better their contact metrics look good. They just don't have the results. So i understand betting on them as a positive aggression kid on offense but i just don't know if they're ever going to hit reds road fade inaction here in game one. Do we see it throughout the weekend. I think it's a pretty fair question to ask the padres with their recent struggles. Now they are plus four. Win-loss got thirty eight wins. They shouldn't have forty two according to agree and weight loss. I guess it makes a minus for actually a so. I sort of wonder here. Will we see some padres money as a result you know. Their base runs record pretty accurate right now as to where they should be but the factory and win loss says they should be four games better that can induce some line moons as we've already seen with teams like the mariners getting faded teams like the twins. Getting bought stuff like that. It's kind of an interesting portfolio or interesting profile here for the padres right now where they're not hitting they should be. They should be better. They've got a good pitching staff. Does it actually come to fruition for them. I don't necessarily know. Reds are playing very well right now to in that wide open nationally..

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