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And Hornets deadlocked at thirty nine a piece with six to go in the second nine to go. First quarter in Miami Heat onto a four point lead over the Orlando Magic, you'll have a battle of the top two MVP candidates about to get underway rockets and bulls tip off at the top of the hour talking about, of course, James harden and Jaanus compo- raptors out to a four point lead over the bulls. Eight to go in the first NFL news too late for the saints. But the NFL's competition committee has proposed another version of replay expansion that would include non calls. College hoops, Dave rose announced his retirement as the men's basketball coach at BYU, Tim miles fired by Nebraska after seven seasons from the wwl way traffic center, Noah. Accidents to report, but some construction on sixty four northbound if Epoca route good sleep down from FM seventy eight we're also watching construction on I ten westbound before fair oaks, you're going to be slow from Bernie stage that might add about five ten minutes. Do you drive? Your tap. The breaks a bit on sixteen southbound between Eckerd and gruesome wrote, Scott west NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. The next twenty four hours a few clouds overnight, a low in the mid fifty sun and clouds mixed on Tuesday, a high in the upper seventies. I'm meteorologist Mark sibito. From the Weather Channel on Senate Tonio does official weather station. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. I why do you need local news? I need local news because stay informed and stuff that's going on around me. I need local news full city is changing constantly. And you want to be updated at all times. The information you want to travel time to work for the day. And there's gonna be severe weather affects me directly your source for information..

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