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You see. the reality is. Is that success with compromise failure. You see better to in hugh in. Who's in who's is. Are we talking about the scripture. Says there. It's better to walk in his integrity. It's better to live differently. Veteran whose view though. But it's better in god's view and the thing is the cosby is the only thing that matters and so you see these people that have succeeded in life with these succeeded in ways that involved an awful lot of compromise by the time they get to the end of it did they sleep. Well do they live with piece of the happy with what they've done because at the end of the day the view that matters is the god and if we succeed in a way that dishonors him we do not achieve successes a result the first eight to fourteen. Let's talk about versa lavender. It says this the rich man is why is in his own is with the poor who has understanding sees through them. We're talking about the rich proud versus the poor but wise you see. We're called to be wise by god's standard alone and the picture given here is that the poor person is why is an illustration this. This poor person has an understanding of what god is about. And what the world's result and it's not the same that these things are necessarily naturally correlated. It's not saying poor. People tend to be wise and rich people don't but it is to say that riches tend to lead to certain amount of blinding because success tends to breed a certain amount of pride. You just don't see people that are successful in what they do who also don't have the corresponding confidence and confidence leans a little bit too far to one side because fried it just it just tips over a little bit too much and so one of the challenges in the world is to be successful but also the be humble and to be someone who operates in god's knowledge because again it is better to be poor into have understanding that is to be rich and to be blind as a result of.

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