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Group is with me. We're taking your questions at 84458093 to 6. That's 8445809326. 8445809326 is that number. If you have a question for Jennifer Anglert and Jennifer what he said we go back to the phone lines here. Valentino is in Orlando Valentino. Welcome to laying down the law. What's your question for Jennifer? Florid accident as an attorney, What should we do afterwards? Okay, if you're in an accident, whether it's your fault or not your fault, 100%. You should take as many photographs as you can. Um, if you need medical attention also, go get it right away. I mean, that always should be number one. Um, if you can stay at the scene Stay at the scene. If you need to get taken by an ambulance. Please go Do that. Um, if you have not, uh, if you have any injury whatsoever, you should go within the 1st 10 days and go see some sort of medical professional. Usually your general practice doctor or an urgent cares Always a really good choice. Um, even if you think you're not injured, really? You should go. I mean, if we're just like a little tap in a parking lot or something, then it's not always necessary. But if you're in any kind of where you had an impact your back or your neck, a rear end collision, whether you hit somebody or somebody hits you a lot of time. Some of those injuries don't come Like headaches and back pain and neck pain. Sometimes they take a lot of show up. So you should always do that. Um, if the police come and talk to you, obviously you need to talk to them and answer their questions. Honestly, um, but conversations with people on the scene I usually try to say Look, don't don't really have those, um, you anything that you say right after an accident? Can be admitted in court. Um a lot of people know the words here say they hear like on court shows and things. I mean, whatever you say right after an accident or anything that you say at the scene of the accident. That's not hearsay. So it could be admitted. So saying things like, Oh, that was my fault, or Oh, I was looking at my phone. Don't do that. And I know that kind of seems like common sense. But people just don't think about it because like they're in the moment, they're shocked or they're upset, and they just things start coming out of your mouth. Um, so don't do that. And those are awesome. Really good tips, like right off the bat. You should always get with an attorney and at least have a consult with them on people. Personal injury attorneys people who do that kind of work, do it for do free consults. Um, insurance companies are going to call you right away. Sometimes they might send you papers to sign if they think they're insured. Is that fault? A lot of times they'll offer you a few 1000 very quickly and want you to sign right away before you kind of have time to get checked out by a dog. Dr or talk to an attorney, Um, we have people call us to do that all quite often that they sign and get a few $1000. And then they find out that Really? They do have medical issues. Once you sign it's too late, so there's no reason to hurry up Insigne because usually there's going to be property damage with the atmosphere car. Um, you might not get the money that you think you're going to get if it's a total, So call an attorney. Unless it's something very small. They can advise you where to best. What to do about going to the doctor and how to get your car fixed Best. Um, it's always better to get a consult than to not get a consult, and then be sorry about it later. Okay. I'm good. I appreciate it. Perfect. No problem. Alright, Valentino. Thank you very much for the call. If you have a question like Valentino, you can, of course, get to us at 84458093 to 6. That's 84458093268445809326. Is that number? Uh and let's let's sell. We'll go and get another question here actually go back to the phone lines. David is in Longwood. David. Welcome to laying down the law. What's your question for Jennifer? Yeah. Good morning. You know, I mean, in the midst of all this harassed at this horrible stuff over and, uh, Miami it start encouraging me. There's going to be lawsuits flying, left and right and back again, and I just wondered how they Uh, you know how How do you approach that as an individual who is affected? He's like having had the death or, you know, being just, uh you know, you're having your all your worldly goods lost and obviously being displaced from your house or your residence for so many months. It's going to be, I'd say illegal free wall for attorneys, but I am thinking of the people themselves a sad situation. So that's what my question is. Mhm. Yeah, I mean, it's there's not going to be enough insurance money to go around, and that's in that situation. It's horrible. I mean, I'm and obviously we all read the paper and there the truth, It's always in the middle, but I think we're all seeing the reports that like there were engineers back in 2018, saying that there was a problem with this building and that they were going to start repairs. Um, and it seems like maybe people weren't really worried about the gravity of the situation. Then you have the ability to get punitive damages, which is over and above what, like the insurance company will do. But I mean, obviously, if you're in in this your homeowners insurance, um and it's my understanding that the people own their units in there. I'm your homeowners insurance should cover a lot of like the dance like The ability to move your your goods inside. Of course, um, all good homeowners insurance policy should have the, um, at least time in a hotel afterward. I mean, it's going to be impossible to get everything back. What your life together. Get into a car, like get into a similar place. It is. You're exactly right. It's going to be really hard, but, um It's kind of a wake up call to everybody to look at their home owners insurance. And if you're a renter renter's insurance, too, because a lot of people who rent don't get renter's insurance and it's a It's something you should have, because it does cover what's inside. Um, it doesn't cover it. Dollar for dollar, which is kind of people don't realize. But then it also usually covers, um things to stay in a hotel like spoiled food, that stuff that happens during hurricanes and things, But if you're not sure what your homeowners insurance covers, it's a really good time to either read your policy or get with your insurance company. Um, it's good for us to be doing in Florida anyway, with hurricane season, Not that we're in it. To kind of see what you can do if like you lose power and you lose all the food in the refrigerator.

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