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Sorry fine i live in boston in boston the whole talk some time during the year he was that that was going to happen you know might again in a big market is a survivor advance type of job soul finally end alive and in and i play for john young what's the matter to me he you know he keep things under control in the clause like i say you know money in a in a in a big market is is heart levin this thing good manager to me to me kept things you can say it was good manager now manager to me kept things under control in the clubhouse and it was easier to keep things under control in the clubhouse because he had guys like david ortiz right who provided you club leadership i mean out it it all it all came together other at the wrong time for him this year you know to have to have the incidents that he had along with the absence of david ortiz along with the playoff performance in four games and says all crashed but if he had david ortiz this this year maybe were look at him a little differently maybe those incidents don't happen some of the off the feels that the baltimore step may not happen but joy is not a is not in a position to say is not me is them he's not in a position to say i am the leader hey look i'm standing here david price is not in a position to to put pool together that stunt on the plane those things could have those things to change and then on top of that that's all off the field stuff on the field maybe instead of a hundred and sixty eight home runs now maybe you have two hundred frank exactly red sox finished last in the american league in home runs for the first time since 1930 i don't blame.

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