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He answered no conflict. Just a matter of respect mutual respect. He is an owner's mentality. Like, he can call out anybody, including coaches players know that they can't say anything about it. Otherwise their meal. Ticket is gone. It's a dirty game within a game. Hashtag truth. Let's interpret this. What do you think Brown means by owners mentality? I think this is. Ben Rothlisberger last year after a game, criticized after loss, criticized Antonio Brown and said I wish I would have thrown to juju Schuster, correct? Imagine. Let's flip that a magin. If if Antonio Brown after the game, they took him they Cameron came up to him. And he said, hey, it looks like you guys were moving down the field pretty good at the end of the game. But you you were unable to to get open and Antonio Brown said, oh, I was open. It's just that. Ben Rothlisberger is buddy buddy with some with all the other people. And if Landry Jones was in there, we would have won this game. It's disrespectful to in Tonio Brown that been called him out and with no repercussion. I actually see Antonio Brown's point here. And if you're gonna let Ben run unchecked and throw guys under the bus there's going to be. Be a penalty for that. Completely agree. You don't throw a teammate under the bus, which is exactly what Ben Roethlisberger did. And I and I completely see Antonio Brown's side of this. Can the relationship be salve? No. Yeah. I agree. I I mean think about it this way think about like if if somebody came here, and they said, boy, we're looking at the ratings for those shows you did in the last week of January and those were awful. And I said they were great, by the way the ratings. Hey, they actually work that was a Super Bowl, and I sit and but if I said, well that wasn't me. That was Mason wasn't. He came on focus. He didn't do anything. And that wasn't my laser focused all the. Yeah. And well, even if you were a laser, even if you were for me to say that that's just my you know, that would really piss me. Right. And so and I threw you under the bus and say, I I wanna trae one of us would say that the relationship would not last long. And I I think the Steelers let Ben go unchecked here. And if I was Mike Tomlin the week that been Rothlisberger came out and said that immediately would have got Browns back. I would have gone, look, Ben noses. You win a team you lose as a team. We lose this game because of Antonio Brown. We didn't lose this game. Because Ben we lost this game. Because as a team we did a lot of stupid stuff. And we've got a correct it as a team and Ben was not right to single out. Anyone player had Tomlin done that? I think he's squelches this. He didn't do it Ben and that's Antonio seen. He's got an owner's mentality. Say whatever he want, right. And by the way, did you sense when he said owners mentality. There was a racial omit did I too. didn't take it is there is there. You're listening to Caspian Los Angeles chat. All right Mace. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and one of the richest men in the world I like to call her Lawrence. Sanchez is boyfriend yet that will. That's what this questions about. He's claiming the National Enquirer tried to blackmail him. He actually sent out the the correspondent fire they did right basis released emails from his lawyers, which say the National Enquirer threatened to publish lewd personal photos of bazo and Lawrence Sanchez. If bays us didn't call off an investigation. He was conducting. I'm sure that'll all come out in court or public advertise. Okay. But this is the second time somebody is come up with embarrassing info on Basil's..

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