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Urge a lady's radio 7 15 sports that BK against the Pistons weren't quote firing on all cylinders so they couldn't play with the Nuggets last night. Yeah, I Berlin Marty, just minutes before the numbers were ready to host the Pistons. MBA postpone last night's game at Ball Arena because of contact tracing issues with Detroit. The teams have gone through pregame warmups. Couple, former Nuggets Jerry Grant Mason Plumlee exchanged pleasantries with their former teammates, but the plug was pulled out of an abundance of caution. The Nuggets, now with a few days off, will play Thursday in L. A against LeBron James and defending champion Lakers. For the second straight week, the MBA announced two time All Star Senator Cooley Yokich was named the league's Western Conference Player of the week. The last nugget to do that Carmelo Anthony 15 years ago in 2006. Rockies Trade of Future Hall of Famer Nolan are not a became official yesterday. In addition to the five time All Star in eight time, Gold Glover the Rockies will also pay $35 million Barnato salary this season and give another 15 million or so to ST Louis as well. The cards are sending back five prospects. Picture Austin Gum Burns, the only one with major league experience. Infielder Matteo Gil, Father Benjie play in the bigs of the third round pick and 2018. Rocky's owner Dick Monfort and general manager Jeff Brightest are scheduled to meet the media 10 A.m. today and you'll be able to hear some of their comments live on Logan and Louis Yesterday. It was the role media night but because of Cove in 19, it was held during the day and took place entirely over Zoom Chiefs quarterback Patrick Homes In one player. He'll be keeping an eye out for former Bronco and CSU, outside linebacker for the Bucks Shack. Barrett, who led the NFL in sacks a year ago. Yeah. I mean, he's right up there at the time. I'm getting the Tampa Bay. I mean, it's just really shown how talented he was because he's getting more opportunities on. He's another guy on his defense that you got the you know where he's at every single time. I mean, last time planning the strip factory, so I gotta make sure I know where he's out of his every play and the other and return home tonight to play there. Third of four in a row against Minnesota Puck drop 6 30 from ball Arena that sports and bringing Chris stolen can win his radio, The Broncos bus and right, Thanks PK 7 17 on Colorado's Morning news. Our top stories Hurting next week, Licensed child care providers in Colorado will be able to get the covert vaccine. Those providers are encouraged to work with their local public health agency to get an appointment. I'll get a verification letter them from the state over counties among the county's who say it's not yet ready to expand covered vaccine availability to anyone under the age of 70. They say. They just don't have enough vaccines available for anyone else. Just as of yet, More Americans have gotten at least one shot of the vaccine that have tested positive for the virus. Those are big numbers, Bloomberg's vaccine tracker reports 26. A half million Americans have gotten a shot compared to about 26.3 million who've been confirmed with the virus since the pandemic started. The U. S is vaccinating more people than any other country in the world More than 1.3 million per day. The number of active hate groups operating in America appears to be falling. The Southern Poverty Law Center, releasing a report yesterday, saying that during 2020 it identified eight Hunter 38 hate groups nationally, which represented drop of about 11% from the year prior, the civil rights organization credited to trends with impacting that reduction, covert 19, the pandemic and groups being kicked off Social media. Ah, U S Army chaplain, speaking of social media, is being investigated for a post that he wrote comments. Major Andrew Calver posted the Army Times Facebook page or under investigation in response. To the president's policy on allowing transgender service members. Major Calvert suggested there quote mentally unfit to serve in the military. He's a brigade chaplain for the third Security Force Assistance Brigade in Fort Hood, Texas, and for the first time in its 101 year history in American Civil Liberties Union has elected a black president and why you clinical law professor Deborah Archer has been elected to head the organization. She has been on the A C L U board since 2009 and a general counsel since 2017 coming up next. Could a vaccine passport be the key to getting back to some normal travel? We'll talk about that at 7 24 in a special interview first, Let's head.

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