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And warned americans not to go there there's talk that it some kind of secrets sonic weapon that's been making people sick cuba vehemently denies doing anything like that and there is no ever dense of it at this point so what is going on a reporter sara birnbaum tries to find out more okay full disclosure to me this sounds absolutely crazy but it doesn't sound weird to vince hatton the curator of the international spy museum in washington d c insane long past time and i'm telling abc's tom mess with diplomats of other countries particularly adversary conference let's go back to the cold war robert long programme it was created after the failure of bay of pigs let's was let's see i even have to try to cash throughout various methods castro was added scuba diver so one of the ideas was created an exploding shell that would be put on a reef near where cash for like two scubadiving it'd be so beautiful that castro would feel compelled to go pick it up and look at it and then it would blow up in though their ideas about he hit a radio address every week and the idea was literally be radio studio with lsd so in castro gave his radio address you would be tripping on acid and give wacky radio address on the one wanna follow him anymore and this one is my personal favorite one of the ideas was due to sprinkle his shoes with valium salts which houses your hair to haul out so the idea would be that castro's beer would fall out and then because the cuban people were so much she smile they would no longer want to follow him because he didn't abbas beard that one would have totally worked but if we're talking about sonic weapons that cause lasting damage may be a closer corollary is the spy dust from the cold war the styles see the east german secret police would use radioactive chemicals to track suspected dissidents anna funder is the.

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