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A police officer with a deadly weapon what did you do just that I was in my hallway to my house project in my property right Mary now I can get two witnesses to come for a minute no no no no no you said you were indicted what were you in dialogue what specifically are you accused of doing first we got what happened walk along to the why were the police in your hallway because I was on wellness check called into the wouldn't answer my phone call for three days yeah so people worry about one more sure I'm a little concerned about my window open my window and told them to get off my property okay right I'm alive well leave me alone I came to one back window looking like thirteen what I would probably want there now with the concerned about your talking about yeah Joe yet with a concerned about you because maybe you have a a record well yeah I'm really didn't show creek couple times yes I don't have a record no I don't but you have many others fell on the news six years old yeah I made it this long without any charges pretty good so you may want all alone should call they want to come into my house without a warrant there are more well they were concerned about you they were concerned about your safety well all we okay already won the one problem but you're having a hard time good witnesses come forward you need a couple of witnesses yeah what what were their own we sent a couple in terms what are the witnesses of what witnesses of these this incident which when you in the police yes what did they see so so you fall swap coming blasting miles support well just local might change wash and all now I got you look it up man other net has everything go you doing all right yeah I'm just to install you sound agitated manner we're friends well you know I'm just dumb about a third of may first Tony George coming against me which I have in the home your which means a grand jury has not yeah there's enough evidence to charge me he does one police officer said I pulled a gun on him which.

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