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Today's going to be a little bit of it abridged episode because we're going to spend the entire thing. Talking about Robert Rodriguez's newest film alita battling. Joel you told me the story of the war when the ground shock sky. The ones that survived. Walk to a different world. By the powerful freight. But that's not the way it has to be. When I found you. You're very human brain was miraculously. It's the loneliest feeling that to know who you are. That was from the trailer for alita battling Jovan use film by director Robert Rodriguez. And I'm going to be the plots from an action packed story of one young woman's journey to discover the truth of who she is and her fight to change the world. So this is guess and development to our I seem to recall that for over a decade over a decade over a decade. You have been wanting to see this story on this for over two decades. I've been wanting to see this movie because we know Jan James Cameron had the rights to this since the nineties since he actively working on it for a long time to this is this is his same like work philosophy with avatar. Just it takes a couple of decades. But we'll get there. So this is based on the graphic novel by you took Shiro and the screenplay is credited to James Cameron, alita color, Greece. I think butcher that. And Robert Rodriguez. And it stars Rosa Salazar. Crystal walls, Jennifer, calmly, Marshall, L E and bunch of other extremely talented people. And so I'm actually going to start with you doing right? He's just start with guest. But I'm gonna start with you. Because you're probably the person have been waiting longest for this film. Probably. Yeah. Was a battle angel worth the wait in your opinion. All I would say I'm not this appointed. I had a lot of fun with this movie. It's not a perfect movie. But in terms of like anime adaptation 's we have seen many most recently goes on the shell which was just a shell of like what made that you know, property, so great. And so interesting it was that movie was like completely Solis. And I don't think this one has that problem. Yeah. Had a ton of fun with it. I think a lot of it really works. Specifically, Rosa Salazar is great in this role in the technology. They're using to create alita. I think is phenomenal. It is an upgrade over what they were doing for avatar except here. Like, it is she's playing what's the sensibly? Like a human looking person. I think I in this movie..

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