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The quick shout out to our big Fan Roma she's got contests coming UP FOR MED school. We wanted to say good luck from the Stephen King Boo. Not just from us but from everyone here at the KABC family which includes your fellow listeners. We're all pulling for you. I'm Steven Anderson. Dime Phoenix Crockett. And it's time for a very special extended edition of the elephant in the room. So today we will be talking about. I'm GonNa take that again because my voice was all like to. This is all staying in today. We will be talking about a very specific trope which relates to a common criticism of Stephen King's the Green Mile. The character of the Magical Negro now before we really dive in it bears repeating that neither Phoenix nor I are anything close to experts in the field of critical race studies. Not at all especially far away. Yeah we looked for a really long time for an academic expert to join us and talk about this topic but because again we're living through the cove nineteen pandemic this really affected academia and no one has the kind of time mental effort to join us on a Stephen King Fan cast so we did. What any responsible there should do when facing a difficult topic and that's research baby. Basically you can think of this episode as kind of a light literature review talking about what the Magical Negro trope is and how it relates to the Green Mile and also I. You know why it's important also On that note if you're out there and this is your field of study and you WanNa come on and talk to us about it. We would love. That frees. Do School us. That would make us. Oh happy please so anyway. Let's do my favorite thing which is defining some terms. I say Mariam you say web stay. Miriam Webster Right. I was a good bit. I like that that'll be fun. We'll put that on a t shirt or something. God I just love defining shit dog so anyway back to the script but a bunch of time into let's start small and get big. The idea of a trope in media has become more and more accessible over time. Thanks to the Internet obsession with categorizing and dissecting media which is an obsession that we absolutely play into here at the Stephen King Boo Club for those obviously for those of you who may have heard the term trump but never gotten a concrete sense of its exact meaning the Miriam Webster Merriam Webster defines the truth as being noun a common or overused theme or device or Cliche while the Cambridge English dictionary describes it as Noun something such as an idea fraser image that is often used in a particular artists work in a particular type of art etc now tropes are particularly relevant works of Genre fiction which is why we talk about them so often horror for example is partial and reusing certain ideas or characters over and over again the horror theme of trusting your instincts. It'll be rational. Thoughts can be described as a horror trope and often used literary element which can be observed across various works of media. I should note that I actually disagree with the. Miriam do you the way you don't like when they hold on the Miriam. Webster definition trips as a concept may or may not be cliche. That is just you know because FEMA character type or an image has been used. The point of being identifiable doesn't necessarily make it overused. I personally don't believe that. All troops are inherently negative. I think it's kind of a neutral concept. You can have like cool tropes you know what I mean. Of course one thing about tropes in general is that you kind of just have to know what they are when you see him. You'll you'll know it when you see it you'll absolutely understand what we're talking about only pointed out the defining in general and it might sound money but you'll totally no we're talking about a great example of a trope is like a haunted house. That's an idea concept thing that appears over and over again a bunch of different ways that is a very specific horror trope and I personally don't think it's Cliche you've done a whole bunch of stuff with it in different ways. Hunting uphill houses But then also the house nibbled street has also like whereas the trope that is cliche is like cool guys. Don't look at explosions yet. Way Right yeah for sure. So we're going to be talking about the trope of the Magical Negro so we're talking about an idea that has identifiable characteristics and appears across various works across media the main resource that I will be drawing upon for this. Discussion is a journal. Turn ICAL GIRL ARTICLES. They should be journals and Journal. Tenter nickel. Cats is a journal article written by Cerise L. Glenn and Laundry Ajay Cunningham entitled the power of Black Magic the magical Negro and white salvation in film. This article was published in two thousand nine in the Journal of Black Studies. Volume Forty available on Jay store. That's S. T. O. R. Online Code Checkout J. Store. They have like a free one hundred articles. You can read thing going right now and it's sick. Actually they're considering being like free articles. That would make me so happy. Like in general for as long as this whole thing is going on which is super super important especially for you. Can we get someone from J. Store on the program? Oh she would love helmet capacity so I want to talk about my research. I if that's okay with you because I think two things one K. mind came chronologically before yours. I think it did. And Mine's kind of a good baseline. Let's do it so this is a bit of a book report. Which is what we do. Buckle in I wanted to highlight a few things from my article. That will help. Define WHAT MAKES CHARACTER A magical? Negro quote.

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