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Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Nancy discussed on Atlanta's Evening News and Rick Erickson


You know the class Mary Tyler Moore the Mary Tyler Moore show her best friend Rhoda and then they did a spin off called rota road was kind of hot back in the day as of course was merry I we got our first point Nancy gets the point that could be the deciding point right there all right millennial match game TV show sidekicks all right Karen I'm gonna give you a laugh here this second sidekick's name was George Costanza George could be aliens that will millennial and you know TV shows sidekick named George Costanza yes you say yes and you know this one right so tell the folks that is that is that is signed by giving these ones here and I don't want to get shot out this might be it we got a couple of questions left Nancy this TV show sidekick was named Waylon Smithers Waylon Smithers will millennial and you know TV shows started sidekick named Waylon Smithers one by Smithers you say you say No Way and your teller she's wrong all believe he within the first two that is correct the Simpsons yeah Mister burns is dude yes sorry about that okay care in.

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